Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ugly and Beautiful

So tell me, who doesn't love owls these days? The trend has been around for a year or two, and they say it is a timeless piece representing wisdom. I am sure you have adored (if not have worn) these ugly and beautiful little creature at some point in your life! ^^ 

I hoarded (a bit) of these owl jewelry because a lot of people have been requesting for it.  Ok, these are no Marc Jacobs, Accessorize, or Forever 21--but just affordable finds to satisfy your femininity and weirdness (I think).

Well, Sofia loves it too! 

 But I can see that she loves bunny (was that a kitty?) more!

For orders and inquiries, visit my FB page dianneregina
or comment below, email me? Contact me! Hehe.



  1. Ang cute nung rings, especially the ones in the last 2 photos...checking out the fb page. :)

  2. hi ida! thanks for visiting my blog, will be posting more kikay rings and bangles. hopefully you'll find something interesting. thanks! :)


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