Monday, July 16, 2012

Because Sofia Loves Ultraman

Sofia was born in 2006, and I find it funny and cool that she liked Ultraman, which I grew up watching when I was a kid. I did not influence Sofia, in fact, she was the one who made me realize that I like Ultraman too! ^^ I thought, why not? Ultraman is cool! :)

Well, aside from Sofia's favorite jacket and umbrella with Ultraman printed on it, I think it is very rare nowadays to find an Ultraman merchandise.  And for me, the Ultraman charm in the photo above is actually a special find, it was the last piece in the store where we bought it. It was Paulo who spotted that, we instantly remembered Sofia, and bought it right away! 

And because Sofia loves Ultraman, I made a charm necklace specially for her.

A single strand bead necklace with Ultraman's key colors - red, silver, and yellow.  
I am super glad that Sofia liked it!  

I hope to find more Ultraman charms, so I can make one for myself too. :)

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