Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peace and Love

The good thing about selling handpicked accessories is when I am not able to sell it, I get to keep it! Teehee!  

Though, I guess not for these 2 --Peace and Love connector rings! *SOLD*

Kudos to bokeh and eeeeeek to my lola hands^^

Monday, June 25, 2012

On Skulls and Bows

Two weeks ago, I posted handpicked bow rings on FB, and it seems to be a hit for everyone! By that, I mean.. sold within minutes! Yay, thank you, friends! :)

I love bow rings, for me it is a simple statement that I can be girly sometimes. :)

This week, I decided to hand pick bow rings (again) and skull accessories (along with other good finds).  Here are some of the items I really find edgy and cute. Please forgive my lola hands. ^^

I am selling these for 60 to 80 pesos a piece. Yes, affordable trinkets that will definitely show that sweet girls rock! Right?

I was then inspired to make a bracelet using skull beads and wax cotton cord.  I practiced making macrame square knots and was able to come up with these.

I am actually excited to make more skulls and bows accessories. Watch out for my future posts. ^^
Now, for other handpicked accessories, please check my FB album Accessories for Sale

Hope you like it! :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Attempt to Revive This Blog

..with beads and other crafts!

Hi! I have been busy lately. Yes, I am doing some beading projects and here is my first attempt on making simple loops and connecting beads here and there! I actually find doing this very therapeutic, and I promise to post some of my projects and teach DIY soon. Everything is for sale, btw. ^^

I just fell in love with the blue crystals I bought, and I paired it with smaller orange and yellow crystals; finishing it with a simple silver chain is very refreshing to the eyes! I am still practicing color combination, and I can say, I had a quite good head start!

I have blue crystals left (I actually have many!) and I decided to make a moderately chunky necklace with overlapping tassel! I am fascinated with tassels, like how simple it is to make yet it majorly turns a boring piece into an interesting one.. basically, nakakayaman lang ang peg!

I will definitely make more of this :)
the combination of blue and gold is just lovely!
of course, there goes the basic black and silver :)
In my recent visit to Quiapo, I find the last string of these red ladybug beads. It is murano glass, making it a bit expensive than the regular ones. I was told they won't be restocking in the near future (if at all), so I thought I should grab it and make something nice out of it! I guess I am lucky then.

It is believed that red ladybug brings good luck especially if it lands on you, so in this piece I made it appear that the red ladybugs are attracted towards the center. That's right, they have not just landed on you, they are crawling on you! :D I also chose to use 9 red ladybugs (a number also considered lucky), I don't know, maybe just to double the luck! And the ceramic green leaf pendant adds to the fun!

Before I forget, I want to give credit to the lovely collar bone of Paulo's sister, Janine! Thanks!! :)

I have no definite style yet in making accessories. I just make something that interests me, like this one.

This is vintage-inspired (I think). I made this for my two friends; one true-blue Thomasian (that explains the yellow and black combination, and the other one is just simply kikay! ^^ I am glad the blue and salmon pink combination looks good on her. 

The flowers used in these necklaces are polymer clay --another craft I am interested in doing, but I really do not want to get overwhelmed now so I guess I will stick with beads first, then from here, we'll see what other media I can use to make beautiful pieces! :)

Now that my mojo in writing is back, expect more posts about accessories!

Weeeeee! Lookie, Sofia made these bracelets. I bought her some wooden beads to play with and shared with her my favorite blue crystals and unused pearl beads, and she was able to come up with these..

Yes, I taught her the good old "tuhog-tuhog" technique using stretchable nylon cords.
So how's her color combination?

Me: Wow Ironman lang ang peg.
Sofia: Cute no? Gusto ko to he, parang Darna!

Pa-cute lang.

Cheers to more projects (for me and Sofia)! Will post it soon.

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