Monday, July 16, 2012

Because Sofia Loves Ultraman

Sofia was born in 2006, and I find it funny and cool that she liked Ultraman, which I grew up watching when I was a kid. I did not influence Sofia, in fact, she was the one who made me realize that I like Ultraman too! ^^ I thought, why not? Ultraman is cool! :)

Well, aside from Sofia's favorite jacket and umbrella with Ultraman printed on it, I think it is very rare nowadays to find an Ultraman merchandise.  And for me, the Ultraman charm in the photo above is actually a special find, it was the last piece in the store where we bought it. It was Paulo who spotted that, we instantly remembered Sofia, and bought it right away! 

And because Sofia loves Ultraman, I made a charm necklace specially for her.

A single strand bead necklace with Ultraman's key colors - red, silver, and yellow.  
I am super glad that Sofia liked it!  

I hope to find more Ultraman charms, so I can make one for myself too. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

I am One Happy Liptonista!

Last Saturday, I met Lipton Philippines family and my fellow Lipton devoTEAs for a get-TEAgether, a lunch treat and movie date - in Shang-rila Plaza.

We watched The Amazing Spider-man in 3D after having lunch at Secret Recipe.  

The lucky couple, KC and Leo; me and my plus one, CJ :)

the mandatory tawa shot
We had a super fun afternoon, plus we get to bring home Lipton goodies :)

Actually, kay KC and Leo to, nakiki-grab lang ako ng photo^^
More than the fun experience last weekend, it was really nice that I get to reminisce my big win last year, also from Lipton Philippines! 

It was overwhelming that people still compliment us (Paulo and me) for our video entry, that became our ticket to a once-in-a-lifetime experience, riding a hot air balloon.

Thank you, Lipton Philippines! ♥ 

Below are some of the photos from the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival.

February 2012 - Paulo, me, Belen, and Mama
Yes, sundo't hatid kami. ^^
One day of fun and adventure we will never forget. All expense paid-- transpo, food, hot air balloon ride, photographer, and Php15,000 cash! Grand prize na grand prize ang peg! :)

This was our thank you message for Lipton Philippines when we got home. 
Naiiyak ako sa totoo lang ^^

And this was our entry! We made an animation video showing endless possibiliTEAs with Lipton. Paulo did all the illustration (ha! it definitely pays to have an artistic boyfriend! well, Sofia for some coloring), and I did the storyline and editing. :) 

sobrang career.  yes, meron akong storyboard. :)

Here it is, hope you'll like it!

That was my sister and her friend, our main talents, hehe. I also made a video of our outtakes! We truly enjoyed making the video. Thank you Lipton Philippines for the chance, and for choosing our entry. We love you! 

The PossibiliTEAs are Endless!

Now, I am inviting you to Like Lipton Philippines for lots of fun and surprises, and I hope to see you on the next Lipton Get Tea-gether! 

Proud Liptonista,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ugly and Beautiful

So tell me, who doesn't love owls these days? The trend has been around for a year or two, and they say it is a timeless piece representing wisdom. I am sure you have adored (if not have worn) these ugly and beautiful little creature at some point in your life! ^^ 

I hoarded (a bit) of these owl jewelry because a lot of people have been requesting for it.  Ok, these are no Marc Jacobs, Accessorize, or Forever 21--but just affordable finds to satisfy your femininity and weirdness (I think).

Well, Sofia loves it too! 

 But I can see that she loves bunny (was that a kitty?) more!

For orders and inquiries, visit my FB page dianneregina
or comment below, email me? Contact me! Hehe.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank you AXN Asia! A-ma-zing!

Paulo and I won 2 tickets each for the special screening of The Amazing Spiderman in 3D.
We had so much fun, thank you so much AXN Asia!

Paulo had a crush on Emma Stone, and me on Andrew Garfield,
so seeing it for free is a win-win for us! 

I was excited to see how Andrew Garfield will play 'Parker', and he did not disappoint as I didn't see 'Saverin' at all for 2.5 hours - that's a good thing! Though, a 17-year-old Emma Stone is a miss for me! Ha, I am not jealous, I am not insecure.  No, I am not! @_@

Kidding aside, I made this Spiderman-inspired bracelet, which I wore during the event.

So, what do you think?
The colors are what? --Very.. Spiderman!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peace and Love

The good thing about selling handpicked accessories is when I am not able to sell it, I get to keep it! Teehee!  

Though, I guess not for these 2 --Peace and Love connector rings! *SOLD*

Kudos to bokeh and eeeeeek to my lola hands^^

Monday, June 25, 2012

On Skulls and Bows

Two weeks ago, I posted handpicked bow rings on FB, and it seems to be a hit for everyone! By that, I mean.. sold within minutes! Yay, thank you, friends! :)

I love bow rings, for me it is a simple statement that I can be girly sometimes. :)

This week, I decided to hand pick bow rings (again) and skull accessories (along with other good finds).  Here are some of the items I really find edgy and cute. Please forgive my lola hands. ^^

I am selling these for 60 to 80 pesos a piece. Yes, affordable trinkets that will definitely show that sweet girls rock! Right?

I was then inspired to make a bracelet using skull beads and wax cotton cord.  I practiced making macrame square knots and was able to come up with these.

I am actually excited to make more skulls and bows accessories. Watch out for my future posts. ^^
Now, for other handpicked accessories, please check my FB album Accessories for Sale

Hope you like it! :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Attempt to Revive This Blog

..with beads and other crafts!

Hi! I have been busy lately. Yes, I am doing some beading projects and here is my first attempt on making simple loops and connecting beads here and there! I actually find doing this very therapeutic, and I promise to post some of my projects and teach DIY soon. Everything is for sale, btw. ^^

I just fell in love with the blue crystals I bought, and I paired it with smaller orange and yellow crystals; finishing it with a simple silver chain is very refreshing to the eyes! I am still practicing color combination, and I can say, I had a quite good head start!

I have blue crystals left (I actually have many!) and I decided to make a moderately chunky necklace with overlapping tassel! I am fascinated with tassels, like how simple it is to make yet it majorly turns a boring piece into an interesting one.. basically, nakakayaman lang ang peg!

I will definitely make more of this :)
the combination of blue and gold is just lovely!
of course, there goes the basic black and silver :)
In my recent visit to Quiapo, I find the last string of these red ladybug beads. It is murano glass, making it a bit expensive than the regular ones. I was told they won't be restocking in the near future (if at all), so I thought I should grab it and make something nice out of it! I guess I am lucky then.

It is believed that red ladybug brings good luck especially if it lands on you, so in this piece I made it appear that the red ladybugs are attracted towards the center. That's right, they have not just landed on you, they are crawling on you! :D I also chose to use 9 red ladybugs (a number also considered lucky), I don't know, maybe just to double the luck! And the ceramic green leaf pendant adds to the fun!

Before I forget, I want to give credit to the lovely collar bone of Paulo's sister, Janine! Thanks!! :)

I have no definite style yet in making accessories. I just make something that interests me, like this one.

This is vintage-inspired (I think). I made this for my two friends; one true-blue Thomasian (that explains the yellow and black combination, and the other one is just simply kikay! ^^ I am glad the blue and salmon pink combination looks good on her. 

The flowers used in these necklaces are polymer clay --another craft I am interested in doing, but I really do not want to get overwhelmed now so I guess I will stick with beads first, then from here, we'll see what other media I can use to make beautiful pieces! :)

Now that my mojo in writing is back, expect more posts about accessories!

Weeeeee! Lookie, Sofia made these bracelets. I bought her some wooden beads to play with and shared with her my favorite blue crystals and unused pearl beads, and she was able to come up with these..

Yes, I taught her the good old "tuhog-tuhog" technique using stretchable nylon cords.
So how's her color combination?

Me: Wow Ironman lang ang peg.
Sofia: Cute no? Gusto ko to he, parang Darna!

Pa-cute lang.

Cheers to more projects (for me and Sofia)! Will post it soon.

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