Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Hate Relationship with V&M

Happy Hearts Day, Blogger world!

Let's talk about love and hate? C'mon. Haha!

My first V&M haul :)

At last! I got myself the much raved V&M products.  For the longest time, I avoided emu oil-based products because I did not consider them as uber organic for the fact that they came from an animal fat.  But still, I tried to ride the bandwagon and placed an order.  Talk about curiosity.

What's on my cart:

100% Emu oil
Modern Geisha Makeup Fix Soap
Happy Pores Alcohol-free Witch Hazel Toner
Smooch Lip Detox
Lip Bloomer in Choco Bliss

After a month of use, I can say that it gave great results on my skin.  I admit, it made my skin clearer, and I absolutely loved it!  Though, on the second week of staying on the Modern Geisha - Witch Hazel - Emu oil regimen, it tended to be drying on me that I had to alternate not using the toner and the soap. 

I hate it that I am getting addicted to Modern Geisha!

The Smooch Lip Detox and the Lip Bloomer combo is divine!  On the first week, I used Lip Bloomer on an every other day basis.  I loved V&M Lip Bloomer more than my Ellana lip scrub because the former is definitely lighter on my lips, no irritation and it gave great results too.  Being sensitive to chocolates, I can say that this Choco Bliss is one of the few chocolate products I can indulge in.  (Note:  According to Jamie, this has no cocoa content, just choco scent).

I hate it that I now can't leave the house without Smooch Lip Detox!

I am super satisfied with these products, but there's a tiny bit of apprehension because everytime I put these on my face, I remember this poor guy:

Aww.. who sacrificed his life to give us good skin (and lips)!  Sad.
Overall, I liked the products.. I really do, but I surely can live without them.  True?  Aaarggh! I don't know!   @_@

It's official.. I love and hate V&M!


  1. pwede ba sa akin yan? :P
    happy hearts day! :)

  2. pwede! haha.
    happy hearts day, daves! :)


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