Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Vibes for 2011!

In light of bringing good vibes for this year, we started it with a little party get-together-cum-post Christmas gift giving. 

During the party, the kids had fun participating in modified 'paagaw ng barya' as I placed 5-peso coins at every corner of the house imaginable, and finders keepers the name of the game!  I even had coins inside the microwave oven (luckily, actually surprisingly, one of my cousins got it!), one also ended up in this pair of shoes --and Sofia took it! @_@

Special marks are in the coins, those with white ribbon will get another coin, and those with stars and red  ribbon will get Php20.  The kid who got the least amount of coins also received a special prize -- another Php20 --hehe, so kuripot!  I just thought, when I was a kid I used to get Php20, and the kids nowadays also get Php20 bills -- made me think, one of the few things that does not inflate -- is pamasko.. oh well, haha! :D

A great way to start 2011, we had spaghetti (yay! not spaghetchup this time), hotdogs and mallows, chicken wings, cake, and ice cream -- all kids' favorite!

Sofia while attending the grill :)

Yum yum yum

And another favorite, PINOY HENYO!

We really had so much fun from our exchange gift and raffle.  Lastly, I made this fortune paperclips as giveaways -- GOOD VIBES FOR 2011!

Happy new year and good vibes for all of us!


  1. shikes sis!!! is that mica? dalaga na haha!

  2. haha, patawa ka sis! 3 years lang tanda ko kay mica eh gurang na ata ako.. talagang dalaga na sya.. hahaha, and i have a feeling na mauuna pa syang ikasal sakin.. {Lord, have mercy}.. haha!


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