Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Planners: Belle de Jour and Apple 4

I love my BDJ planner as it got more kikay.. the papers have improved and the coupons got even better, but sadly I could not tag it along everytime!  I actually got a 2-week trial of bringing this with me, and I just ended up with complaints --it's bulky and kinda heavy.  I really don't want to further a love-hate relationship with my BDJ planner, so yes.. this planner stays in the office for my random thought's disposal - works perfect that way! ^_^

It seems I am ready to replace my BDJ planner with a vengeance when I found this little cute planner, I named Apple 4!  I instantly smiled when I saw this green little thing, which I bought at National Bookstore for just Php99.  I thought a five-liner per day organizer is neat!  Just about the size of any ATM card, I could gladly toss this gem inside my bag at all times!

I am fond of naming my stuff -- so here, meet Apple 4 :)
Lastly, I remembered collecting notebooks and stationeries when I was a kid, and adding to my collection is this cute notebook that is part of my Landmark haul. :)

Life is a beautiful journey


  1. Saw those NBS planners too, I like the purple and apple green. I don't like BDJ anymore so I shifted to CBTL this year!

  2. hi justine, thanks for dropping by. :)
    true! super like ko yun CBTL.. magaan din kasi, pero di na umabot yun stickers ko dun.. maybe next year, will definitely go for CBTL na. :)

  3. Hi. I got here via kitten's site. I've been to Landmark as well. And I got the same "Life is a beautiful journey" notebook.

  4. hi salmoncat,
    super cute, right? hihi.
    thanks for dropping by :)


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