Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Planners: Belle de Jour and Apple 4

I love my BDJ planner as it got more kikay.. the papers have improved and the coupons got even better, but sadly I could not tag it along everytime!  I actually got a 2-week trial of bringing this with me, and I just ended up with complaints --it's bulky and kinda heavy.  I really don't want to further a love-hate relationship with my BDJ planner, so yes.. this planner stays in the office for my random thought's disposal - works perfect that way! ^_^

It seems I am ready to replace my BDJ planner with a vengeance when I found this little cute planner, I named Apple 4!  I instantly smiled when I saw this green little thing, which I bought at National Bookstore for just Php99.  I thought a five-liner per day organizer is neat!  Just about the size of any ATM card, I could gladly toss this gem inside my bag at all times!

I am fond of naming my stuff -- so here, meet Apple 4 :)
Lastly, I remembered collecting notebooks and stationeries when I was a kid, and adding to my collection is this cute notebook that is part of my Landmark haul. :)

Life is a beautiful journey

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lucky January

January -- the month that and I became allies!
Been participating in every blog giveaways, forum, and of course FB contests since last year.  My winnings range from nail polishes to gift certificates, from free bowl of soup to movie invites!  And I came so excited when I learned that I won these items.. truly, a great start for 2011!

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2011

I am a late bloomer BDJ user when I discovered this power planner in 2010, and since then I really embraced being a bella!  So you can just imagine how excited I was when I won this from HerWord (Business World).  Though I already have my own copy, which I got from the Paint the Town Pink BDJ Fair, I thought an extra copy won't hurt.  Great as a gift.. I say, time to recruit another bella. :)

88-pc Eyeshadow Warm Palette

It was during my brother's wedding when I promised myself that I will upgrade my makeup stash.  I mean.. seriously upgrade my stash!! I remember that day when I was tagged as the maid of honor/groom's sister with a messy eyeshadow.. really, how cruel can you get?! @_@  I was just happy that my ever reliable 4U2 Dream Girl Reflections E/S Quattro came in handy {I will forever love this E/S because it saved me a couple of times, I swear!}.  But still, thinking big, I wished for a great palette!  

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." ~Paulo Coelho

In this case, let me define "the universe" as MOI Cosmetics!  Their FB promotion and my 1:1000 chance allowed me to have this gorge palette, and I am so ready to play with it!

Thank you HerWord and MOI Cosmetics! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Vibes for 2011!

In light of bringing good vibes for this year, we started it with a little party get-together-cum-post Christmas gift giving. 

During the party, the kids had fun participating in modified 'paagaw ng barya' as I placed 5-peso coins at every corner of the house imaginable, and finders keepers the name of the game!  I even had coins inside the microwave oven (luckily, actually surprisingly, one of my cousins got it!), one also ended up in this pair of shoes --and Sofia took it! @_@

Special marks are in the coins, those with white ribbon will get another coin, and those with stars and red  ribbon will get Php20.  The kid who got the least amount of coins also received a special prize -- another Php20 --hehe, so kuripot!  I just thought, when I was a kid I used to get Php20, and the kids nowadays also get Php20 bills -- made me think, one of the few things that does not inflate -- is pamasko.. oh well, haha! :D

A great way to start 2011, we had spaghetti (yay! not spaghetchup this time), hotdogs and mallows, chicken wings, cake, and ice cream -- all kids' favorite!

Sofia while attending the grill :)

Yum yum yum

And another favorite, PINOY HENYO!

We really had so much fun from our exchange gift and raffle.  Lastly, I made this fortune paperclips as giveaways -- GOOD VIBES FOR 2011!

Happy new year and good vibes for all of us!

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