Thursday, December 16, 2010

Makeup by Ria Redor

Even under low lighting, I can really tell that my pretty soon-to-be sister-in-law was even more 'prettified'. *wink*  Thanks to the very talented Ria Redor who did her makeup.

I thought my brother was joking when he said that they had an appointment at The Red Door at 6am, I was like.. seriously? Sosyal.. may budget? Ria Redor!  No, it's not that her rates were beyond the usual (it's actually not), it's just that I was a silent follower of Ria's blog, I LOVE Makeup, and got really impressed with her portfolio, and even became uber interested in attending her makeup workshop last October but wasn't able to (channeling Nikos: but that's another issue).  Oh, I want to meet her!  That is why I was beyond excited to be their {Rons and Lengs} personal assistant on the day of their prenup pictorial!

inside The Red Door

I want her muk-ap stash!

work mode.. while Tricia is also busy with Lengs' hair

Lengs wanted airbrush makeup for her wedding, and we went to Ria Redor for her trial makeup and she absolutely loved it!  Actually, we all loved it!  Tip of the day:  Schedule your trial makeup on the day of your prenup pictorial.  {Yeah, as if no one would ever think of that tip, hehe} 

I was busy taking photos of Ria's makeup stash and the whole studio and goofing with my brother on the side, and before we knew it..

Taa-daa! Pretty pretty Lengs!
Finishing touches :)
I was really impressed how Ria contoured Lengs' nose (Peace Lengs, love yah!),  I wondered, do you find it very challenging, Ria? LOL!  Kidding aside, Lengs' makeup is a perfect bridal look.  It was also her first time to try on falsies, and it really does the trick!


Ria Redor and Lengs
I once said that I wanted to do my own makeup on my wedding (not happening soon I tell you), and now let me rephrase that:  I will do my own makeup on my wedding only if I had the skills like that of Ria Redor!

Ria also did Archie's makeup/grooming recently.. wow!
and (hmmm.. how lucky!) she used the same brush to put powder on my brother!

Here are some photos from the prenup pictorial:


Photo credits:  Rhonn Palmaria

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  1. Sis, ganda naman ng magiging sister-in-law mo:) Congrats sa kanila...

  2. i wud love to do my own makeup tooo on my wedding. but its nt gona happen either... im no pro at make up =[

  3. hi sana choi, thanks for dropping by :)
    i think with practice, you can do it.. who knows, right? as for me, i think i have a lot more years to practice/learn makeup. :)

    have fun!


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