Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guitar Hunting in Cebu

I was thinking of a perfect souvenir from my recent trip in Cebu, and there's only one thing that came to my mind ~ a guitar. Lapu-Lapu City is known as the Guitar Center of the Philippines, and this long stretch of road in Opon is filled with shops selling the best quality guitars made locally. Our last day in Cebu was a perfect timing to visit our relatives in Opon slash to do a little shopping!

The first store we went to was a small guitar place, and because my aunt is the owner of that place that the guitar maker of that store was renting, we sort of prioritized their selection, and they are also willing to give me huge discount.  We spent more than 30 minutes in that store, but after a lot of talks regarding history, wood quality selection, guitar variety, and price ranges, I still could not find a guitar that's perfect for my liking - that day I am scouting for a black matte guitar.  I really feel sorry for the guitar maker who's attending to all my queries, he's not hard-selling though, and as much as I wanted to purchase from that store, I really can't find a guitar that would make my heart skip a beat.  The guitar maker was kind enough to encourage me to try my luck and look around somewhere else, and he pointed where Alegre Guitars is located.

Wait, did he mention Alegre Guitars? It sounded so familiar, I thought I have read somewhere that Alegre Guitars along with Lilang's are considered collector's item. With that in mind, I was certain that it would be beyond my budget, but I can't resist to take a peek at their handcrafted pieces.  And the moment I stepped inside Alegre Guitars, I saw a black (front and back) matte guitar!  My heart skipped a beat, instant guitar crush, I was so happy!  I closed my eyes and paid for it! :D

Meet HAPPY, our new baby! 

Super like!  I'm broke but I'm happy, hehe..

While waiting for my guitar to be properly wrapped because that needs to be checked in, we were surprised when my brother was on his knees serenading his fiance ~ to the tune of "Itapon tapon tapon nyo, basura nyo, itapon nyo."  Haha, that was really hilarious! 

♥ Sweet! ♥


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