Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekend in Cebu (Happy Birthday, Lolo!)

Spending weekend in Cebu has always been fun, and the last time we went there was extra special because it was for my Lolo Coling's 79th birthday!

From Mactan airport on our way to my Tita Roca's house, I was really surprised that you can actually see a lot of food establishments left and right! From grill houses to fruit farms, from local coffee house to homey pastry shops. I can say that Cebu is definitely a food haven, and the night we arrived I am already thinking (sort of planning) when will I go back! Next year, I promise. *wink*

Puso (rice in a coconut leaf pouch), Php2 each :)
Whenever we're in Cebu, my aunt would always serve puso - rice in a coconut leaf pouch, and I swear I am always maganang kumain whenever puso rice is served on the table, ok let me rephrase that.. I am always MAS maganang kumain. Haha!  Puso rice is perfect for just about anything - crabs and all sorts of seafoods, calamares, grilled chicken, liempo, and my Lolo's favorite -- pochero!  I was surprised to know that Cebu Pochero is actually Tagalog's Bulalo.  Though, I thought it was a toss between bulalo and nilaga.  With that, I have a very bright idea to bring my lolo to R&J Bulalohan in Mandaluyong this December.

Lolo's favorite: Cebu Pochero @ AA Barbeque and Grill (Day 2)

My Lolo's go-to food place was AA Barbeque and Grill, one of the authentic Cebuano restaurants you can find in the city.  Their food is highly recommended, the ambience is nice (it reminded me of Mr. Kabab in West Ave QC - high ceilings and good ventilation), and the price was reasonable.  Though, I wasn't able to take note of the individual prices (haha), I have no doubts that the price was reasonable.  Take this, spending under Php1000 here will serve a bunch of people, by that I mean 7 adults and 1 growing kid! 

The gang @ AA Barbeque and Grill (Day 1)

And my favorite was their tropical fruit juice. :)

Their version of tropical fruit juice is really good, and I plan to make this at home!

Happy 79th Birthday, Lolo Coling!

We love you, Lolo!

Food fest?!
Lolo expressed how grateful and happy he was that all of his children have representatives (of that sort) to celebrate his 79th birthday.  After hours of binge eating, drinking, and a lot of karaoke singing, we thought it was over.. but, not yet.. this happy lolo still has a lot of energy at 1am, and so why not have pizza party at the rooftop as his birthday closing remarks?  Good thing, the local Alberto's Pizza is still up (until 3am) and wow they offer free delivery!  And yeah, we bothered them twice.. after finishing 2 boxes, we called again! I love their pizzas, it was so affordable and has generous ingredients (toppings), thin-crust, super yummy!  I personally liked their version of Haiwaiian pizza, sweet onions.. dami cheese!  They actually have a wide selection of pizzas, and you can choose whether you like Quickmelt (that's what we ordered) or pay a little extra for mozzarella.. super worth it!  
All Pepperoni (Php119) and Hawaiian pizza (Php136)

My lolo as tanggero, with us his 'palahubog' anak and apos!

We love you Lolo :)


  1. nkakain na ko sa r&j bulalohan sa manda...hehe. but i cant recall the taste, i was drunk. haha

  2. haha! one of my favorite food places ang r&j bulalohan, punta tayo dun! :D


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