Thursday, November 25, 2010

Doce Pares Zipline in Cebu

We were looking for adventure, and Tita Roca without hesitations, drove us to Doce Pares Mountain Training Park - the first (and only) zipline in Cebu.

My trademark shot ~ fail *toinkz*

We were teasing Lolo Coling to try it! Hehe :D
First was the 'bente ride' as we called it.  I don't know what is it exactly called, a monkey bridge? A narrow bridge suspended in posts approximately 50 gruelling steps apart.  We called it 'bente ride' because it costs Php20 each pass.

OMG! My OOTD is absolute baduy, hehehe.

You have the option to cross again for free! The thing is, you have to cross in a single cable.  I told you I am a sucker for freebies, that I can't let this one pass!

We also tried the zipline (of course) that's the reason we went there.  Doce Pares offers a 100m zipline at Php100, it actually sums up to 170m back and forth, I don't know how they computed it, but for the record the 100m is 170m, ok?  And recent addition to their facility was the Extreme zipline - a 400m zipline, 45second adrenaline rush at Php150!

Justine, after the 100m (170m) zipline
Getting ready for the 400m zipline

Kami rin, 400m!
It was my first time! I was so scared, I ecstatically screamed within the first few seconds to sort of relieve the tension, but came the 20second mark and halfway through the course in total darkness,  I was so quiet (screamless?!) enjoying it til the end. I would love to experience it again, and hopefully next time I can get to see the spectacular view, agree?  Doce Pares, I will be back. :)

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