Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5th La Union Surfing Break Day 1

Two weeks ago, we planned for a La Union weekend escapade in time for the 5th La Union Surfing Break event. None of us are surfers, and I myself did not initially intend to try surfing as I was just intrigued with the Oktoberfest and the Halloween Beach Party!

After a little planning and with Php3000 (or less) budget, WE ARE ALL SET! All four of us are first-timers and so at Partas Cubao bus station, the adventure begins.

First lesson:  PACK LIGHT

I don't know how they were able to do it, but all of them carried only 1 backpack!  And I got that travel bag, a paper bag (with all my pillow, blanket, and kulambo), and a Landmark plastic bag (with chips, marshmallows, and sticks).  I guess I am just excited, but seeing them at ease, I promise myself to pack light next time.

Partas bus had seat number assignments, and of course we are all pasaway, we did not follow it.. sorry.
at Sison, Pangasinan

Fare from Cubao going to La Union is Php396.  We travelled at 3 in the morning, and after roughly 6 hours, 2 bus stops (including a coffee break at Sison, Pangasinan), we arrived at San Juan, La Union.  Drop off point was at Sebay Central, and from there we went to the beach and searched for Kuya George (Surfer's Inn).  

Sponsor's booths at the beach front

at Surfer's Inn
We're running on a budget and so we opted to stay at Surfer's Inn for only Php300/person/night.  Little did we know that our stay there would make our visit even more memorable. 

After we have settled our belongings, we started to roam around the beach front to see what's in store for us.
Hand-painted shirts and bags (I bought one, yay!)

Beach volleyball
Aside from police visibility, there's medic and lifeguards

Surf clinic

Tan, anyone?

Yes, I claim to be the official photographer of these guys :D
We also went out to find a place for a quick breakfast.  First stop, Seanymph.  They got a great view of Urbiztondo beach, but we all agreed that their food and service are just so-so.  I just thought that if I were the owner of Seanymph I could have maximized its full potential having a great location and a great view out of all food places there, but nah.. tocino is too salty, tapa is undercooked, sinigang is not good as well.  Though the people were nice and friendly, overall, the food was not that sulit!  Prices range from Php120 to Php200.

Tapsilog with my second dose of coffee for the day

How about lunch?

I knew it! We were there for food trip!  We went out of the beach area and walked a little, and just across the road, we found Urbiztondo Grill House.

Laing (Visayan style) and Pancit Miki-Bihon
Now, this was sulit!  They had family-style servings at very affordable prices, not to mention, all that we ordered tastes superb!  Prices range from Php90 to Php180.  Their version of laing was the second to the best laing I have tasted, the best one being the random laing being sold from house to house (in tagalog nilalako!! LOL!) in my mother's hometown, Laguna.   

Fried chicken
I was a bit disappointed that it was a 'Chicken na Lang' moment for us, but hey their fried chicken was okay, and we finished one whole of it!  Overall, the food and service at Urbiztondo Grill House was great!
Art pieces on the wall

Also, that day, Paulo and I celebrated (silently) our 3rd anniversary as BFGF. ♥  
Claring and Kean? LOL!

Beer by the beach.. Kampai!

Cheers for more food trip! este.. adventures like this.. :D

nag-momoment lang.. 
And just as I thought that I will only see a lifesaver-drowning person in the movies, a bit before sunset, we all witnessed a lifesaving moment!  And after the commotion and when all spectators (including us) learned that the victim is still alive and kickin', the four of us approached the lifeguard and had this photo op!

The gang with HERO of the hour, Manong Lifeguard

A photo that will somehow remind us that life is indeed short, we must take care of it, and live life to the fullest!  (Awww, meganon!)

After a few bottles (ooops, make it cans ~ apparently bottles are prohibited at the beach front), a pitcher of vodka mix, hotdogs and pulpog for dinner, third dose of coffee (for me), and a super great jamming session with Rocksteady, we happily called it a day. 

Getting ready for Day 2!


  1. nice, nice, nice. anniv nyo pla. di namin alam un ah. hehe.

  2. haha! oo george, secret kunwari yun. LOL!


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