Thursday, November 25, 2010

Doce Pares Zipline in Cebu

We were looking for adventure, and Tita Roca without hesitations, drove us to Doce Pares Mountain Training Park - the first (and only) zipline in Cebu.

My trademark shot ~ fail *toinkz*

We were teasing Lolo Coling to try it! Hehe :D
First was the 'bente ride' as we called it.  I don't know what is it exactly called, a monkey bridge? A narrow bridge suspended in posts approximately 50 gruelling steps apart.  We called it 'bente ride' because it costs Php20 each pass.

OMG! My OOTD is absolute baduy, hehehe.

You have the option to cross again for free! The thing is, you have to cross in a single cable.  I told you I am a sucker for freebies, that I can't let this one pass!

We also tried the zipline (of course) that's the reason we went there.  Doce Pares offers a 100m zipline at Php100, it actually sums up to 170m back and forth, I don't know how they computed it, but for the record the 100m is 170m, ok?  And recent addition to their facility was the Extreme zipline - a 400m zipline, 45second adrenaline rush at Php150!

Justine, after the 100m (170m) zipline
Getting ready for the 400m zipline

Kami rin, 400m!
It was my first time! I was so scared, I ecstatically screamed within the first few seconds to sort of relieve the tension, but came the 20second mark and halfway through the course in total darkness,  I was so quiet (screamless?!) enjoying it til the end. I would love to experience it again, and hopefully next time I can get to see the spectacular view, agree?  Doce Pares, I will be back. :)

Weekend in Cebu (Happy Birthday, Lolo!)

Spending weekend in Cebu has always been fun, and the last time we went there was extra special because it was for my Lolo Coling's 79th birthday!

From Mactan airport on our way to my Tita Roca's house, I was really surprised that you can actually see a lot of food establishments left and right! From grill houses to fruit farms, from local coffee house to homey pastry shops. I can say that Cebu is definitely a food haven, and the night we arrived I am already thinking (sort of planning) when will I go back! Next year, I promise. *wink*

Puso (rice in a coconut leaf pouch), Php2 each :)
Whenever we're in Cebu, my aunt would always serve puso - rice in a coconut leaf pouch, and I swear I am always maganang kumain whenever puso rice is served on the table, ok let me rephrase that.. I am always MAS maganang kumain. Haha!  Puso rice is perfect for just about anything - crabs and all sorts of seafoods, calamares, grilled chicken, liempo, and my Lolo's favorite -- pochero!  I was surprised to know that Cebu Pochero is actually Tagalog's Bulalo.  Though, I thought it was a toss between bulalo and nilaga.  With that, I have a very bright idea to bring my lolo to R&J Bulalohan in Mandaluyong this December.

Lolo's favorite: Cebu Pochero @ AA Barbeque and Grill (Day 2)

My Lolo's go-to food place was AA Barbeque and Grill, one of the authentic Cebuano restaurants you can find in the city.  Their food is highly recommended, the ambience is nice (it reminded me of Mr. Kabab in West Ave QC - high ceilings and good ventilation), and the price was reasonable.  Though, I wasn't able to take note of the individual prices (haha), I have no doubts that the price was reasonable.  Take this, spending under Php1000 here will serve a bunch of people, by that I mean 7 adults and 1 growing kid! 

The gang @ AA Barbeque and Grill (Day 1)

And my favorite was their tropical fruit juice. :)

Their version of tropical fruit juice is really good, and I plan to make this at home!

Happy 79th Birthday, Lolo Coling!

We love you, Lolo!

Food fest?!
Lolo expressed how grateful and happy he was that all of his children have representatives (of that sort) to celebrate his 79th birthday.  After hours of binge eating, drinking, and a lot of karaoke singing, we thought it was over.. but, not yet.. this happy lolo still has a lot of energy at 1am, and so why not have pizza party at the rooftop as his birthday closing remarks?  Good thing, the local Alberto's Pizza is still up (until 3am) and wow they offer free delivery!  And yeah, we bothered them twice.. after finishing 2 boxes, we called again! I love their pizzas, it was so affordable and has generous ingredients (toppings), thin-crust, super yummy!  I personally liked their version of Haiwaiian pizza, sweet onions.. dami cheese!  They actually have a wide selection of pizzas, and you can choose whether you like Quickmelt (that's what we ordered) or pay a little extra for mozzarella.. super worth it!  
All Pepperoni (Php119) and Hawaiian pizza (Php136)

My lolo as tanggero, with us his 'palahubog' anak and apos!

We love you Lolo :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5th La Union Surfing Break Day 2

Ha! What took me so long to post Day 2? Boo! Anyway, my short-term memory's acting up and let me just tell what had transpired that day through these photos.  (Sorry, this post is pic heavy!) :)

I thought Day 2 in La Union would just be as slow (yet fun) as Day 1, but it was surprisingly jam-packed!  We got up early, like 9am, haha yeah I can say it was early for us!  We can't see sunrise on the side of Urbiztondo beach and so we did not bother to get up earlier than that. @_@ Nah.. excuses!

We were all hesitant to try surfing because of budget constraints, but then we thought.. hey aren't we here to surf? Good thing our charm worked and we managed to talk to Kuya George and they let us have a 1:2 (instructor:nagtitipid na student) surfing lesson. Surfing lessons btw have fixed price of Php400/hour (Php200 for the board and Php200 for the instructor).  And I am just glad we did!  I am sure we could have regret it had we not tried surfing!  The waves at Urbiztondo beach is certainly not for beginners, and that time it was not actually for novice as well as the surfing competition was stopped due to 'suicidal waves' as we called it.

A little under 30-minute drive from Urbiztondo was Bacnotan beach, where a handful of good waves await beginners like us.

Ready to hit the waves :)
After a tiring yet exhilarating stay on the water with 4 successful rides (11seconds being my longest) and over a dozen wipeouts, I am done and back to the shores.

Love triangle, LOL!
There's not much good photos we took that captured our rides, and so I promise to bring good camera next time or better.. learn to take good photos (at least).

Surf's up!
Paulo was sort of against me wearing two-piece, teasing me that if I really wanted to wear it I should get rid of my love handles first.  But I thought that it may take me years to get rid of those, if at all. So better now or never. @_@

Let's just hide that belly, ok?

 More group shots..

Their jumphot and my skipshot

And of course.. shadow shot.


with our host, Kuya George a.k.a. Tisoy :)

A good snack to fight the heat was our 10-peso ice cream stick!

Great lunch at Angel & Marie's Surfer's Retreat

While we plan to be within our budget, we searched for a carinderia we've read in some blog, but unfortunately (or should I say.. fortunately) we weren't able to find it.  I myself wanted to know what La Union still has to offer in terms of gastronomic experience, and we found Angel & Marie's Surfer's Retreat (just across La Union Surf Club and Billabong Surf School).  I planned to get a vacay from an everyday 'styro-lunch' and/or Jollijeep (in Makati), and so I thought that a Php140 to Php180 price range from their menu wouldn't actually hurt.. it was so affordable and worth it!  

Wall photo collage :)

I spotted Jericho Rosales in one of the photos, hehe.  It reminded me of R&J Bulalohan in Mandaluyong where there is also a photo collage of celebrities who went there, but here it was surfers instead of celebs.  With Marie manning the resto and her better half Angel in charge with the food, I can say that the feel and vibe inside made it more personal.  This little place is really worth a visit, plus the food was REALLY GREAT!

Chicken Adobo for Paulo

Steamed Dorado for George

Pancit canton for me

and Pinakbet for Thea

We still have a lot of activities ahead so might as well have extra caffeine, right?
Full and happy! :D
Word for the day:  WAHINE, which means a girl surfer, and Marie is one successful Wahine.  She took that last photo, and as we were ready to have our photo op with her, my camera battery rans out.. major boo!!  {Ms. Marie, we promise we'll be back!}

Sunset at La Union

It was a wonderful experience to practically do nothing but to wait and observe the sunset.  Woah, sunset plus the waves, such a stress relief! :)

Though, it was so frustrating to manually set my camera to produce nice output, all we got was underexposed and overexposed photos.  At least we tried, right? :)

The sun on my palm

Cloud wings of an angel..

 ♥  Happy 3rd! 

And because there's a Halloween beach party, where all attendees were requested to wear black.. we wore WHITE! LOL!

At that time, bonfire was not allowed at the beach (well maybe just because there's an event), but my friends didn't want to break my heart as they know I am so excited to have marshmallow roast, and with the help of Kuya George, they set up the grill and then we enjoyed a little sugar rush!

We weren't thrilled with the Halloween beach party, and so we decided to just stay at Surfer's Inn and have a great time with other visitors/surfers from other rooms and have a drink with some locals. The experience was just great with lots of laughs and full of memories to keep.  And for Thea, a painting as well.

'Ang Magmamani' (Peanut vendor)
A local surfer/artist gave this painting to Thea

It was as if we did not want to leave the place nor say goodbye to Kuya George.  I guess it is best to say.. until we meet again.


Until we meet again La Union! It's been 2 weeks and I still have some withdrawal symptoms haha.. We really had an awesome experience, we'll be back soon.

For reservations at Surfer's Inn, call or text Kuya George at 09267195369 or 09238043501.

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