Monday, October 4, 2010

Third Time is a Charm

Not always.  Definitely not this time.

I won't keep it a secret that I tried to apply for a US visa for the third time, that made me an expert in failing the interview.

I was denied for the same reasons, but the consul focused on my educational background, being a graduate of Physical Therapy that is.  Concluding that he did not believe the letter I presented and he did not believe me per se.

I find it really harsh, his voice was not apologetic at all.  So here's a stranger telling me point blank, implying that I was a liar.

While they won't let me pass through, that's 3 times now, tells me that they are not doing their job right.  Just a thought.  Yet they grant visas to those who really had intentions of staying in the US aka TNT!  Look at me, a girl who's life is in the Philippines (that's a super fact, I could say).  A girl who does not dream to be in the US, but eager to learn.  Apparently, the experts are there, what can I do?

The company really wanted me to come over for training, and asked me to re-apply.  Even if I haven't recuperated yet with the rejection I felt weeks ago, I did not mind giving it another try.  Why?  Because this is not about me.. it is about my work and what I could contribute to the company's growth.  And what really hurt me was not the visa denial per se, but the missed opportunity, just because someone failed to execute right judgement.

To calm my confused mind and broken heart, I bought 3 things that could certainly make me happy:  an Elianto lipstick in Fuschia Purple, a polka dot black scarf, and McDonald's Strawberry Twist sundae.



  1. diane, are you applying for a b1/b2 visa? don't forget the power hug :)

  2. hi daves, im applying for J1 (training) visa. oh, yeah the power hug! :D

  3. i see. its really tough especially when you don't owe a property. quite similar to a case of a friend of mine. but hey, always remember that there are great things coming your way. perhaps the time hasn't come

  4. For the longest time I've been craving for the new sundae, will try that out tomorrow for sure.

  5. aw, it's so hard to get a visa when you are a health professional. RAWR!

  6. @kitten, super pangpakalma ko yan.. sundae (pwede din KFC krushers strawberry-banana).. yum!
    @meedge, i agree.. sad nga eh.


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