Friday, October 1, 2010

Post BDJ Rendezvous: Unleash Your Personal Style

It was my first time to be part of BDJ rendezvous, and I was really eager to spend my Saturday afternoon with all BDJ girls! I thought I'd be out of place, boy I was wrong! All the bellas were so cheerful and they're all magiliw!  I instantly loved being a bella too! ♥

Minding the Details

Risa de Sagun of Bend & Snap shared her personal styling techniques and easy DIY projects that truly inspired me to do my own.  Really!  My creative self was tapped and believe me I had so much ideas in my mind right now, and I am hoping to share them all with you soon. 

One of the most interesting thing she showed us was how she draped the mannequin with her mom's polo.  Simple yet stylish!  Agree?

Styling Your Nook

A little talk by Architect and Designer Jennifer Bautista of DESIGNSCOPE tickled our minds with ideas about reinventing personal spaces. I couldn't relate much because I don't have a personal space right now, so sad.  But I am sure that when the time comes, I will surely recall what I learned from her. She shared several rule of thumb ideas that include: the larger the tiles, the larger your room would like, and it is not true that black would make your room seem smaller. Yeah, I believe that. :)

Getting Crafty

Oh wow! Just in time before the Christmas season, Beam Mariano of demonstrated simple DIY projects that are perfect as gifts.  And what really stirred the crowd was the home-made lemon body scrub!

That was me in the left hand corner, attentively listing the details for the lemon body scrub!
And so my friends, you may expect home-made body scrubs as gifts this Christmas! Ok? :)  I really had a great afternoon with the girls.  I love the food, the activities, and of course, the prizes!  It was like they're raflling off prizes every what, 15 minutes? Haha!  I bet no one got home empty-handed. 

As for me, I won these:
Two Eastwood cinema movie passes, yay! My name's drawn twice! =)
We were also asked to draw our most funky style that could match Fly shades.  And, yay! I was chosen as one of 10 winners!  Thank you. :) 

Here's my entry:  Red Dress

Prize:  A pair of Fly Shades =)

with blue flower prints that matches my NOTD! <3
Moi says,
"Nice meeting all bellas last weekend.. it was my first BDJ rendezvous, and it was super fun! PAK na PAK ang food, prizes, activities, and all the learnings.. I was truly inspired.. Thank you BDJ!  See you on the 24th! 



  1. Wow that seems really fun! I wanted to attend a BDJ event but it's always a conflict with my sched. Hai, next time. And hopefully we'll meet. ;)

  2. it was really fun! =) hope to see you at the launch, every bella's invited! :)

  3. thanks dianne! im using the scrub till now : ) tell me when you've started creating the crafts i made ha! it always makes my day (even the whole week) seeing others get inspired with my projects : )

    -Beam Mariano

  4. hi beam, im excited to make it and of course to try it.. thank you for sharing. =)

    btw, i forgot to mention that the doily chandelier was so pretty! ♥


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