Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pay it Forward with!

Flashback from 2007:  I started my journey with as a buyer, and my first online purchase was a success!  I recommended the site to my family and friends, and they initially asked me, "Ano ba yang Sulit na yan?"

I recall having replied,
"Pag may gusto kang ibenta, ipost mo sa Sulit.  Pag may gusto kang bilhin, hanapin mo sa Sulit."
I thought, that's it.

Fast forward to 2009:  That was the year that I revisited as a seller.  I began posting in forum, and even participated in trivia questions - all just to earn SCs.  It was the time I felt I was becoming a certified Sulitizen.  I had a fair share of violation reports and spam messages, but I also remember how happy I was to see my inbox with the message title, SC Received.  Yeah, I am winning and earning SCs in Trivia questions. 

December that year marked my further realization with  At first, I was hesitant to join contests and was kind of avoiding those getting to know you threads in forum, but the Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Contest prompted me to participate.  Here's my entry:

I did not win this contest, in fact I garnered only 19 votes or 3% of the total votes.  But still I thought, wow! 19 persons actually voted for me? I was beyond happy!  I did not know any of them personally, but because of this contest, PMs and IMs followed.. I gained friends.  I started to actively participate in forum and joined EBs as well, and I must say I liked every part of it, every has to offer! 

Christmas Tree Party - December 12, 2009

From then on, I enjoyed learning from's Battle of the Brains and Daddyjohn's English lessons, I looked forward to G5's SC paluwagan and charity EBs, and I am always on watch mode for PCTech's free PC repair.  This time, I came to recognize that is not just a buy and sell site ~ it is a community.

PCTech's One Day Free PC Repair and Free Seminars - February 25, 2010
Group 5's PGH Pedia Ward Charity EB Part 2 - February 28, 2010 

I know I'd be forever grateful to - they have been witness of my growth from being a noob seller to a certified netrepreneur.  I earned a lot of money, learned buy and sell trends, gained hundreds of loyal and happy clients, but what I treasure most is that I found a great family in - having the same goal, that is to PAY FORWARD.

Kudos to, to Daddyjohn and the rest of the BOTB group, to Group 5, and to PC Tech and supporters!

 Photo credits to PCTech group and G5.

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  1. Nice one.. i love it.. more power to you from pctech group (

  2. congrats mam,

    in behalf of pctech group, we salute you


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