Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Movie Date: I Do

Last Sunday was a battle between The Resident Evil: Afterlife and Star Cinema's I Do.  With a little sad pang-asar face and a wink of lambing, Paulo agreed that we get cheesy and watch the romantic comedy film.

I Do is a story about young lovers Mayumi Punongbayan (Erich Gonzales) and Lance Tan (Enchong Dee). All throughout the film, their love for each other gets tested by situations they have no control of ---such as having to deal with early marriage and early pregnancy, young adult fears, differing cultures, financial stability, and individual ambitions.

My favorite scenes: 

  • When Yumi throws a rock to Alfred (Lance's red car), that scene was pretty believable.  I really loved Erich there!
  • When Lance was on his knees and Yumi thought it was his initial proposal.  Hey, that was really funny!
  • When Yumi's mother (Pokwang) came out from shower and took off her towel.  That was unpredictable! Haha!
  • Lance and Yumi, and the trio (Yumi's friends) went to the bar.  Drinking and DANCING! Super hilarious!

Enchong and Erich
managed to be funny without overdoing it.  We thought that Melai wasn't utilized well in this film, with only one line "I Know, Right?".  Her part was just so-so, but I could still say that she was a real comic relief!

It was Janus del Prado's time to shine!
With his love analogies, Ang Pag-ibig lines.. he definitely made us laugh. :D

Here are samples of his Pag-ibig lines:
Ang pag-ibig parang computer virus, sinisira lahat ng pinaghirapan mo.
Ang pag-ibig ay parang ipis na tinapakan, akala mo patay na ‘yun pala buhay pa.
Ang pag-ibig ay hindi parang ATM machine na kuha ka lang ng kuha. Mag-deposit ka naman!
Ang pag-ibig ay parang tinga, na kahit anong sungkit mo nakabaon pa din.
Ang pag-ibig parang langaw na natrap sa kotse, kahit anong bugaw mo, ang hirap dispatsahin.
Ang pagibig parang MRT kung masikip na at wala ng pwesto wag mo ng ipagsiksikan ang sarili mo.
Ang pagibig parang adobong mani nakakaadik pagnasimulan mo na ayaw mo ng tigilan.
Ang pagibig parang crispy pata masarap pero deadly.
Ang pagibig parang cellphone na nahulog sa kubeta makukuha mo lang kung meron kang lakas ng loob.

He also had the lines: Ang pag-ibig ay parang puto... and ang pag-ibig ay parang stapler (both were not continued). Now, I wonder what analogy would that be.  Aside from the movie quotes, I am super intrigued with Erich's wardrobe.  The preggy and non-preggy clothes she sported were so cute!  Are those from Jewel's? Hmmm.. I have to check that out! Overall, I really liked this movie and recommend this to everyone.  It was a very timely comic escape for me.  Thanks Paulo! ♥

Of course, after the movie we visited The White Hat to complete my happy escape!

My Baker's Hat and Paulo's Cooky Hat
The Baker's Hat - Cheesecake, Blueberry, and Almond Cluster
The Cooky Hat - Cookie Dough, Walnuts, and White Choco Drops

Star Cinema's I Do movie stills SOURCE HERE



  1. Wahh! I've been hearing raves about that movie. I hope it's still on when I get back. I really like Erich, she's natural on screen. And I bet Janus is the funniest. I love him in One More Chance! Hahaha!

  2. i was watching this movie just now, awts. andami kong tawa... :D


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