Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Is Sunny Outside Today

Yes, it is.

My father will be leaving this afternoon for a 6-month contract abroad, and I'm having a hard time hiding my tears.  You see, this is the reason why I hate Willie Revillame.  How come that my father has worked for more than 30 years, and yet haven't had the money Willie Revillame has been earning in a day?  I hate him! (Kidding).

I am such a crybaby

Seriously, my father is 55 years old, and I wonder does he really have to work? Does he really need to or does he want to? I really don't know. The only thing that's clear is that me and my siblings wanted our parents to have the best times of their lives, that at this point, we wanted them to just enjoy life. I guess working and getting home with a back pain for them is enjoyable. I really don't know.

My father with all his bling shouting, I am an OFW! :D

That photo was taken last night, dinner at Hap Chan.  I can tell that my father is not that excited to go, knowing that his request for leave this December might not be granted.  We still hope that he'll make it to my brother's wedding.  See, it's the nature of work of an OFW, it is that painful!  And a lot (even my parents) would ask me why working abroad does not interest me at all?  I guess by reading this post, you'll know why.  I just hope that when my father comes back, he will learn to enjoy the fruits of all of his sacrifices, and start embracing a good life he really deserves.

Papa, glad you have Facebook now.  Take care and see you soon.  I love you!


  1. I always tell my parents that they should retire but they say they can't still afford it. I just think they worry way too much. But I guess we'll also feel the same when we reach their age. :p

  2. haaay, ang parents nga naman..
    thanks je! :)


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