Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Am Thankful For..

Midnight before my birthday

Exactly 2 years ago, our family was really put to test when my Lola Ador suffered menangioma and had to go brain surgery.  I remember lying on the hospital bed beside my Lola on the midnight before my birthday.  I thought we were both soundly asleep, but by the strike of midnight, she woke up, hugged me and whispered,

Happy Birthday, Dianne.

She apologized because she knew how I would love to have a party, and she suddenly felt guilty that I was there instead of celebrating my 25th birthday somewhere else.  I kept silent, hugged her in return, kissed her.. and then pretended to be back to sleep.  I knew that it wasn't the ideal way to celebrate my quarter life, but honestly at that moment, I don' t want to be anywhere else but beside her.

Birthday wishes do come true

Two years after her brain surgery, her wounds have healed and she fully recovered.. and I thank God for it, for giving me a lot of moments and opportunities to hug and kiss her like the way she did on that unforgettable night.

Random photo, undated

September 2009, Sim Lim Square SG

September 2009, Marina Bay SG
September 2009, KL Malaysia

Christmas 2009, Seaside Macapagal

January 2010, Liliw Laguna

Chinese New Year 2010, Hap Chan Makati
June 2010, New World Hotel Makati

July 2010 (her 76th birthday), Pandacan Manila

August 2010, Eye Republic :)

September 2010, random sa house (Sofia took this photo of us)

I love you, Lola!

This post actually serves as my entry to "I Draw For A Living's October Giveaway." Lizz, belated happy birthday to you.. Girl, you made me cry. Ha! *Hugs*

Certified Lola's girl,


  1. This post made me cry coz I remembered my grandma. She just passed away last Sept 2,2010 at 87 years old. Like you we also brought her along to our travels and we're very close! Just the sweetest! Plus, she's super lakwatsera! Sigh! I miss her, you're very lucky to have your grandma around. And making them happy with our presence is the best thing they'll have in the remaining years of their lives. Ooopps sorry long post, got carried away. Hehe! :-)

  2. hi minakichu, thanks for dropping by.. i am sorry to hear about your lola, but i am sure she had well-lived 87 years.. funny that my lola is also lakwatsera! =)


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