Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Earlier, I had a small exchange of PMs with Ms. Grace of Digital Retouching. I find her talent and creativity as amazing, and I was surprised when she offered to do my blog's signature.  Of course, the 'YES GIRL' in me kicked off! After a few minutes, believe me.. in just a few minutes, she was able to come up with this:
Thank you, Ms. Grace

I can't believe that you'll provide something like this to a total stranger, thank you.  But, it's more than just a blog signature.  It's a factoid that me and photoshop (or any of that sort) don't get along.  CSS and all those codes have been resisting my charm, but seeing your works is a definite inspiration to once again try it and hopefully learn.  Haha!  But sure thing, I will be needing to dress up my blog, and I know you'll be there just a click away!

So my friends, you'll also find cute stuff about digital scrapbooking from layouts, affordable kits, and tutorials here: DIGITAL RETOUCHING.  Enjoy!

My new signature making its debut,


  1. I know I am a programmer but Photoshop and the likes hate me. I want that too :(

  2. Oh Dianne, thanks for this wonderful words of appreciation. I am so glad that you like the signature.

    Keep in touch, sis!


  3. @je, pag marunong nako.. gagawan kita :)
    @grace, of course i like it, thanks sis..keep in touch. :)


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