Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Iskrambol to Vodka

So there's an ice scramble craze in the metro, I heard.  And last Saturday was a time to reunite with my childhood memories, I bought one from a random iskrambol stall near the MRT station.

I have allergies to chocolates, so I asked not to put brangkaw, instead I had my iskrambol with double dose milk! Yum!

Time to Party!

6 pm to sawa - I met with friends for dinner at Tramway in Timog QC, then to Off The Grill for few bottles, good music, and some late night bonding.

The couple brought Estrel's caramel cake, my initial motivation to meet them all that night.  Kidding!
Estrel's caramel cake! (James and Prell, thank you ♥)
My Vodka Cruiser Blueberry and a slice of Estrel's caramel cake.  Who would have thought of that combo, anyway?

Need proof that I loved the cake?


Haha! What fun!  Til our next get together guys.. How about gay bar naman? @_@



  1. may corkage fee ba sa mga gay bar if we will have james and prell bring another cake? hahaha! wait lang, c james ba papayag pumasok sa gay bar? lol.

  2. ang tanong, magdadala ba ulit si james and prell ng cake? abuso na tayo.. hahaha! :D


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