Monday, October 18, 2010

Creativity Unleashed Once Again


If there's one thing that made me decide to join Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run, it could be their Jazz Up Your Singlet contest.  I thought it would be a nice venue to let Paulo unleash his creativity (actually, it only meant to harass him to make us couple's singlets, LOL). 

The theme for the design was Beauty and Wellness, so the idea was my singlet to be the BEAUTY and his singlet be the WELLNESS.

If Paulo has the talent, the least I can do was to bring my blow dryer to speed up the drying process, hehe.

..and of course, to wear it proud!

Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run - October 17, 2010



  1. oh my, awesome awesome awesome blow-drying! hahahahaha! he's amazing!

  2. i know, he is *wink* hahaha! that's my only contribution.. thanks crickette :)

  3. wow ~ he made it look so simple. so cute!

  4. effort talaga sa singlet ah...



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