Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run 2010, Last 5K

My first run with my new bangs, and my last run at 5K distance
October 17, 2010 at the Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run

Cool, we came early that day, EARLY as in we are just in time for the gun start, and I also did not forget to put on sunblock, Yay! *wink*

First question:  To beat or not to beat PR?  I was initially determined to beat my PR of 42 mins, but came the 2-km mark and the people on the hydration station shouts, "Wala na pong tubig, ubos na po.." I was like, "Shoot! Fine, let's not beat PR!"  I don't want to force myself, and honestly at that point I thought something's not good or well organized.  Run, and walk, and walk.. and run.. Finally, past 3.5-km mark there's H2O!  Thank God, I was able to reach the finish line.  Official time:  48:50.

Before we got inside the activity area, a guy approached us and gave us red ribbons because of our jazzed up singlets.  He instructed us to go to the BlueTube video tent to tell our singlet story so we can claim our prize.  Prior to that, we lined up for the loot bags, I mean for the drawstring bags.  Sure, I am disappointed because of false advertisements from Blue Water Day Spa about the loot bags, but I actually don't want to add up to some runners rants about it. Okies =)

Then we proceeded to the BlueTube video tent to tell our singlet story, but to my surprise we were asked,  
"Why did you join this event?"  

My puzzled reaction caught on camera! @_@
Why?! I don't know why! Haha, honestly I don't know what to say. Haha!  We were instructed to tell our singlet story, so why is this guy asking us a different question?

Sakit sa bangs ng tanong!!

After that, I asked myself, "Right, why did we join this event?"  Honestly, it was the prizes and the freebies I was after.  Advertisements and blogs prior to the event posted that you'll get loot bags and freebies valued more than what you have paid for, and  LOTS of fun and surprises awaits you!  In superlative mode, they vouched amazing prizes for the Jazz up your singlet participants, and some would wonder when did cotton balls, baby cologne, and baby powder became cool and amazing prize?!  At least for me, it was!  Sofia will be thrilled to have those :)

Good thing, we registered and bought our race kits from Buyanihan at Php300 only with no hassle on our end because they shipped it for free!  Had we bought it at its full price of Php600 (for 5K distance), that would be a different story.  Having said that, I can now claim that I got more than what I have paid for.. experiences that sealed my last 5K!
"Hi Sam" moment.. Landi ko lang!
I don't know if my gaydar just failed.. but I think he IS NOT GAY! ♥

Libreng photo op with Coach Rio ~ kinabog ni Coach Rio ang bangs ko!

..and running with beautiful people

That is all that matters.  I care less about the loot bags and the freebies.  And if there is one thing I have learned in this run, that is to..
run for a cause next time
I mean ALL THE TIME, I know that doesn't need explanation there :)



  1. "when did cotton balls, baby cologne, and baby powder became cool and amazing prize?!", natawa ako dito. promise! ^^

    "run for a cause next time", i second that motion

    good luck on your future runs!

  2. hi daves, haha! seriously.. i will never get fooled with superlative pre-event ads and promotions na talaga.. from now on.. I will always RUN FOR A CAUSE. ♥ thanks for dropping by :)

  3. the last time i was on stage at KFC event I suffered a stage fright! yikes!

  4. First off, great bangs sis and super cute singlet design you got there! =)

    ..and I agree, let's support those FUN RUN with a cause!

    ...lastly, I believe you, "SAM is NOT GAY!" =D(*blushing and laughing*)

  5. thanks sis :)
    haha! yeah, he is not gay!


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