Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Series: Pool and Pizza Party

Kids just wanna have fun!

First, we went to Greenbelt for some grocery shopping and we also dropped by the Havaianas Design a Smile booth for a little artsy quality time.  (will make a separate post for that)

I initially planned a bowling party for them, but they insisted to have a POOL + PIZZA PARTY!  And I am glad we did because I thought it was really much enjoyable!

I am the birthday girl-turned-NANAY for them so I didn't bother to join them in the pool, hehe.

With Shakey's Pizzanatic Super card (Thanks Pau), we ordered Manager's Choice Thin Crust plus FREE Hawaiian pizza! Now, tell me.. why do kids love Hawaiian pizza? I really don't know, but I love it too! :D   
Vanilla ice cream + Root beer.. I know what you are thinking.. :D

Hotdogs, some chips, siopao, siomai, and steamed carrots! What? HAHA

Kids' favorite:  MOJOS!

Which btw, this is my first and last sight of our ordered mojos.. SERIOUSLY, the kids swept the box within minutes (along with the hotdogs, of course)!
The gang :)
Sofia is waiting patiently while I make our root beer float :)

Yay! They loved it! :)

Off to the billiards table

We still have lots of energy and time left, so we opt for playing billiards (the kids' way) while watching Cinema One on the side.

Haha, baligtad! :D
Just want to share, they gave me birthday notes (even Sofia had one for me, wow!) and here's their 'cover letter'.  

Had so much fun!  Thank you kids for spending a day with me. 
I love you all!


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