Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Series: Flower Power Shoes

My sister sent me SM gift certificates for my birthday with a note for me to buy what I want.  And because I am so tired seeing Sofia with her school shoes whenever we go out (as seen here and here), I thought I want to get her a new pair.  So I asked her what does she like.  She replied,

Uhm, shoes na PE yun white, may pink at flower flower..

I figured she meant rubber shoes for PE - physical education, haha!

Ok, basta yun mura lang.. @_@
Sofia (showing off her GCs) at SM Manila with Ate Marie :D

Sofia's new pair, which she picked herself .. (worth 1 GC ♥)
I so love the green flower detail :)

Happy na, birthday pa!

Thank you Momi Mics!

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