Friday, October 29, 2010

Sofia Loves OPM: Sa Piling Ko by Mark Alain Echem

Sofia really loves OPM!

I think I have mentioned before how she sang Pagkat Mahal Kita by Bugoy Drilon inside a bus (with feelings, LOL) and the people applauded after and find her really really cute!  Actually, she was able to sing a tune even before she was able to memorize the alphabet or recite the numbers from 1-10. 

Last weekend was no exception, I guess all you need is a car stereo, an OPM playing, and Sofia inside your vehicle, and you'll surely get this:

1:18 onwards.. F na F birit ever!

Sa Piling Ko by Mark Alain Echem 

Mark Alain Echem, screencap from music video

Hahamakin ko ang lahat babalik ka lang
Sa piling ko
Tatahakin ko ang landas
Nasaan ka man o giliw ko

Sana’y pagbigyan ang puso ko na muli pang magmamahal
At muli kang makapiling
Mahal ko iyong dinggin

Di na muling luluha pa
Di na muling magdurusa
Kung naririto ka na
Na magmamahal muli
Sa piling ko

Alala mo kayganda
Ang sigla’t saya sa buhay ko
Ang tamis ng iyong pagsinta
Ang tanging dasal o giliw ko

LSS much? Hope you enjoyed the video :)

Proud 'Nanay',

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Announcement: I♥BWnT Card Giveaway Winner

After 3 entries (haha), the winner of one (1) I♥BWnT Card is:

LAWRENCE Please check your email :)

Don't worry ladies, will have more giveaways soon.. :)

But wait, since there's only 3 of you who showed support for my humble mini giveaway, I feel like giving consolation surprise to these ladies.. Trace and Crickette

To Trace and Crickette, just email me your shipping address at
and let me surprise you both with a little thank you gift. 

BTW, get a chance to win I♥BWnT Cards from
Buffalo Wings n' Things Facebook page
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They have lots of uber generous promos and contests, be updated by liking their FB page and be ready to Get Buffaloed! :)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Series: Flower Power Shoes

My sister sent me SM gift certificates for my birthday with a note for me to buy what I want.  And because I am so tired seeing Sofia with her school shoes whenever we go out (as seen here and here), I thought I want to get her a new pair.  So I asked her what does she like.  She replied,

Uhm, shoes na PE yun white, may pink at flower flower..

I figured she meant rubber shoes for PE - physical education, haha!

Ok, basta yun mura lang.. @_@
Sofia (showing off her GCs) at SM Manila with Ate Marie :D

Sofia's new pair, which she picked herself .. (worth 1 GC ♥)
I so love the green flower detail :)

Happy na, birthday pa!

Thank you Momi Mics!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Is Sunny Outside Today

Yes, it is.

My father will be leaving this afternoon for a 6-month contract abroad, and I'm having a hard time hiding my tears.  You see, this is the reason why I hate Willie Revillame.  How come that my father has worked for more than 30 years, and yet haven't had the money Willie Revillame has been earning in a day?  I hate him! (Kidding).

I am such a crybaby

Seriously, my father is 55 years old, and I wonder does he really have to work? Does he really need to or does he want to? I really don't know. The only thing that's clear is that me and my siblings wanted our parents to have the best times of their lives, that at this point, we wanted them to just enjoy life. I guess working and getting home with a back pain for them is enjoyable. I really don't know.

My father with all his bling shouting, I am an OFW! :D

That photo was taken last night, dinner at Hap Chan.  I can tell that my father is not that excited to go, knowing that his request for leave this December might not be granted.  We still hope that he'll make it to my brother's wedding.  See, it's the nature of work of an OFW, it is that painful!  And a lot (even my parents) would ask me why working abroad does not interest me at all?  I guess by reading this post, you'll know why.  I just hope that when my father comes back, he will learn to enjoy the fruits of all of his sacrifices, and start embracing a good life he really deserves.

Papa, glad you have Facebook now.  Take care and see you soon.  I love you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Series: Pool and Pizza Party

Kids just wanna have fun!

First, we went to Greenbelt for some grocery shopping and we also dropped by the Havaianas Design a Smile booth for a little artsy quality time.  (will make a separate post for that)

I initially planned a bowling party for them, but they insisted to have a POOL + PIZZA PARTY!  And I am glad we did because I thought it was really much enjoyable!

I am the birthday girl-turned-NANAY for them so I didn't bother to join them in the pool, hehe.

With Shakey's Pizzanatic Super card (Thanks Pau), we ordered Manager's Choice Thin Crust plus FREE Hawaiian pizza! Now, tell me.. why do kids love Hawaiian pizza? I really don't know, but I love it too! :D   
Vanilla ice cream + Root beer.. I know what you are thinking.. :D

Hotdogs, some chips, siopao, siomai, and steamed carrots! What? HAHA

Kids' favorite:  MOJOS!

Which btw, this is my first and last sight of our ordered mojos.. SERIOUSLY, the kids swept the box within minutes (along with the hotdogs, of course)!
The gang :)
Sofia is waiting patiently while I make our root beer float :)

Yay! They loved it! :)

Off to the billiards table

We still have lots of energy and time left, so we opt for playing billiards (the kids' way) while watching Cinema One on the side.

Haha, baligtad! :D
Just want to share, they gave me birthday notes (even Sofia had one for me, wow!) and here's their 'cover letter'.  

Had so much fun!  Thank you kids for spending a day with me. 
I love you all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run 2010, Last 5K

My first run with my new bangs, and my last run at 5K distance
October 17, 2010 at the Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run

Cool, we came early that day, EARLY as in we are just in time for the gun start, and I also did not forget to put on sunblock, Yay! *wink*

First question:  To beat or not to beat PR?  I was initially determined to beat my PR of 42 mins, but came the 2-km mark and the people on the hydration station shouts, "Wala na pong tubig, ubos na po.." I was like, "Shoot! Fine, let's not beat PR!"  I don't want to force myself, and honestly at that point I thought something's not good or well organized.  Run, and walk, and walk.. and run.. Finally, past 3.5-km mark there's H2O!  Thank God, I was able to reach the finish line.  Official time:  48:50.

Before we got inside the activity area, a guy approached us and gave us red ribbons because of our jazzed up singlets.  He instructed us to go to the BlueTube video tent to tell our singlet story so we can claim our prize.  Prior to that, we lined up for the loot bags, I mean for the drawstring bags.  Sure, I am disappointed because of false advertisements from Blue Water Day Spa about the loot bags, but I actually don't want to add up to some runners rants about it. Okies =)

Then we proceeded to the BlueTube video tent to tell our singlet story, but to my surprise we were asked,  
"Why did you join this event?"  

My puzzled reaction caught on camera! @_@
Why?! I don't know why! Haha, honestly I don't know what to say. Haha!  We were instructed to tell our singlet story, so why is this guy asking us a different question?

Sakit sa bangs ng tanong!!

After that, I asked myself, "Right, why did we join this event?"  Honestly, it was the prizes and the freebies I was after.  Advertisements and blogs prior to the event posted that you'll get loot bags and freebies valued more than what you have paid for, and  LOTS of fun and surprises awaits you!  In superlative mode, they vouched amazing prizes for the Jazz up your singlet participants, and some would wonder when did cotton balls, baby cologne, and baby powder became cool and amazing prize?!  At least for me, it was!  Sofia will be thrilled to have those :)

Good thing, we registered and bought our race kits from Buyanihan at Php300 only with no hassle on our end because they shipped it for free!  Had we bought it at its full price of Php600 (for 5K distance), that would be a different story.  Having said that, I can now claim that I got more than what I have paid for.. experiences that sealed my last 5K!
"Hi Sam" moment.. Landi ko lang!
I don't know if my gaydar just failed.. but I think he IS NOT GAY! ♥

Libreng photo op with Coach Rio ~ kinabog ni Coach Rio ang bangs ko!

..and running with beautiful people

That is all that matters.  I care less about the loot bags and the freebies.  And if there is one thing I have learned in this run, that is to..
run for a cause next time
I mean ALL THE TIME, I know that doesn't need explanation there :)


Monday, October 18, 2010

Creativity Unleashed Once Again


If there's one thing that made me decide to join Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run, it could be their Jazz Up Your Singlet contest.  I thought it would be a nice venue to let Paulo unleash his creativity (actually, it only meant to harass him to make us couple's singlets, LOL). 

The theme for the design was Beauty and Wellness, so the idea was my singlet to be the BEAUTY and his singlet be the WELLNESS.

If Paulo has the talent, the least I can do was to bring my blow dryer to speed up the drying process, hehe.

..and of course, to wear it proud!

Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run - October 17, 2010


Birthday Series: Buffalo Wings N' Things + Giveaway

Hi all,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty tiring, yet it was fun and memorable.  I claimed my GC and 2 I♥BWnT cards last weekend in time for the first installment of my birthday series. 

Here's us goofing while waiting for the neophytes.

at BWnT Ortigas Home Depot Branch

I wanted to GET THEM BUFFALOED as I thought it would be a nice idea for us to try APOCALYPSE (Oh, I meant ARMAGEDDON) this time.  Haha, Paulo mistakenly thought it was Apocalypse the last time we talked about it, and we called it Apocalypse since then.  But please, it was ARMAGEDDON (not Apocalypse, okay?)

The neophytes :)

First we got the triple sampler:  Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, and Nuclear (my favorite!) and bleu cheese dip.  Judging from their reactions, I thought we were not ready for the ARMAGEDDON yet, and so for our next set of triple sampler we got: Garlic Parmesan (which became an instant favorite too), Honey BBQ, and The Rookie + side orders of fries.

We also ordered their cocktail of the day, Margarita, which we all agreed was just so-so, not bad though.  And, hey it's my birthday month, and another generous surprise from the I♥BWnT card was FREE 1/2 pound wings with your choice of sauce:  and of course for me, NUCLEAR it is! 

This will be your favorite item (and H2O of course) on a BWnT table, trust me!

And here's some craziness ALL because of the wings!

 ♥ Thank you BWnT!
Another birthday wish that came true: 
BWnT Makati Branch.. Hooray!

Buffalo Wings N' Things delivers :)
* I also won an I♥BWnT card from Pieces of A Wunderkind's Mind, and that's a keeper! Thanks Dash :)

Giveaway Alert!

I have an extra I♥BWnT card here up for grabs.  The card has coupons with cumulative value of Php1250! Want to have it? Here's how.

Just LIKE Buffalo Wings N' Things in Facebook (if you haven't done yet) in this way you'll get updated with their promos and events as well, and then comment below with your name and email address in this format username(dot)domain(dot)com, and be ready to get buffaloed!

Be sure to comment below so I can validate your entry.  This giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents only (or I can also consider entries from anywhere in the Philippines as long as you're sure you can use the card, hehe.)  Winner will be chosen randomnly on October 28, 2010.  Shipping is on me. Good luck!  


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