Monday, September 27, 2010

We Twisted, We Licked, and We Got Dunked!

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September 26, 2010: At the Global City Fort bus on our way to Market! Market!

Pilyang makulit :)

Sofia got so excited when she saw this giant velcro wall, and really wanted to try it!  But there are a couple of kids that cried at the velcro wall and Sofia just changed her mind, Haha!  Of course, I don't want to insist because it would be a disaster for me if she cry and throw a tantrum there!

Nagutom sa pila! LOL!

Oh, well at least she enjoyed the backdrop-turned-pseudo-mini velcro wall!

Thanks OREO, we really had so much fun!

Click LIKE now and help us win that cash prize for a family bonding experience we will never forget! 

♥ Dianne, Marie, and Sofia ♥

For those who want to experience this fun and be a Human Oreo at the Get Dunked Event, catch Oreo Philippines at their last hurrah on October 3, 2010 (Sunday) at Alabang Festival Mall.  For more info, visit  Have fun!



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