Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rejection is More Painful the Second Time Around

Catatonic in cab

Twenty minutes after I exited the US embassy, I hailed a cab.  And, yes I was 'catatonic' on my way to Ayala Avenue.  The consul denied me a visa for the second time.

I was applying for a J1 training visa, and the 10-minute conversation that cost me 140USD went like this:

Consul: What's the purpose of your travel?
Me: Yada yada yada..
Consul: Is this internship or training?
Me: Yada yada yada..
Consul: Who will pay for the trip?
Me: Yada yada yada..
Consul: It says here [training placement form] that your training will be for 2 months, is that correct?
Me: Yes
Consul: What do you do here in the Philippines?
Me: I am a medical writer.
Consul: What does a medical writer do?
Me: Yada yada yada..
Company: How long have you been working for your company?
Me: I've been with the company for 2 years.
Consul: How much do you make?
Consul: Are you married?
Me: NO
Consul: Do you have kids?
Me: NO
Click click click.. stamp stamp stamp..

Consul: I apologize but I could not grant you a visa because you do not qualify according to INA guidelines.

There's a 3-second delay before I heard what the consul said, and I attempted to make an appeal because I just could not believe it, all my paperworks are in place. What does he mean I am not qualified?

Me: But Sir, you saw all the documents I have? Yada yada yada..
Consul: Yes I know, and if you think I made a mistake then you are more than welcome to reapply.
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What went wrong? 

I really don't know. The consul reviewed all the documents I presented.  I have training forms, certifications from the company and the law firm, and all proof that the training is legitimate and the skills I will learn will be utilized in the subsidiary company here in our country, but still he denied me to get a visa for the following reasons: 

You did not establish that your social, family, and economic ties outside of the United States are sufficient to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent. 

You did not establish that you are qualified for one of the nonimmigrant visa categories as indicated in the INA.

Tension headache

Those were the same reasons when I got denied last 2008, and that's for a tourist visa.  I can't understand why.  Was it because I am single and have no kids that I could not establish my 'ties' to the Philippines? Apparently, 2 of those interviewed before me were married and they were able to secure their J1 visas, so maybe.  But, I have friends in the US that are NBSBs! So what now?

If only I could lie that I am engaged or something or claim that Sofia is my daughter! Oh well.. 

How can I prove to them that I LOVE PHILIPPINES, and I will never go anywhere else just to abandon my country?  Seriously.  Why would I want to go to America if all their stuff are here anyway? 

No sour graping

Of course, I would love to go to the US! I won't deny it.  But it's not because I want to go to Disneyland or Universal Studios (though I am hoping to have an SATC tour if given a chance), but because I want to meet our US counterparts there hoping I could give faces to those email addresses and Skype accounts we have been dealing with every single day for 2 years now.  I was ecstatic when I learned that the company would like to send me there for some training, I thought they saw the potential in me and they value me as an employee.  But, all of the excitement vanished with that 10-minute interview.

All plans were messed up, but I really can't do anything about it.  This is a super POW moment for me, that not even a McDo Caramel Sundae could mend. :(  Maybe But a POWER HUG from Paulo will do. ♥



  1. pano na ang plans natin? hmm, i was also asked if i'm married. i said no too. kaso mine was L1 naman. hay, minsan swertehan sa consul e :'(

  2. hi je, i know.. :(
    sabi kasi pag L1 hindi na grounds yun 'ties' for refusal.. tsaka if ever ikaw yun na sa posisyon ko, you can say 'you're engaged' naks! ;) haha wala ng plans, ingat ka dyan.. muah! :)

  3. hi dianne, sorry to hear about this. perhaps He has other plans for you. hope you did get the power hug you needed from Paulo ;)

  4. Thanks Daves, and yes I did get a power hug ♥!
    Looking at the brighter side, now that the trip won't push through, I'll be joining my friends for the Adidas King of The Road this October and RunRio Timex Run on November! Hooray! :)

  5. good luck on your KOTR run! will you be going for 10k already?

  6. that was the plan, though i'll assess pa if aabot yun training ko for 10K.. hopefully :) haha, thanks daves.. good luck!

  7. Hi
    I am saddened to hear the news.
    Just wanted to ask if have already visited other countries? Sometimes Consuls need to know that you are really coming back. Show some documents like bank documents, real properties or even a car that you own. Submit your ITR.Or a inancial support from your parents will do.
    Or get a good travel agency that can help you with your application. They will even guide you and do mock interview.

  8. thanks MrsM, actually our company got a third party institution that handles all the documents i needed, prepared certifications that i will come back and the training is indeed for 2 months only, but still considering im single, have no kids and yeah wala nga akong property.. not meant lang talaga, but once maka-recuperate ako sa trauma na to im sure i will try again :)

  9. yeah try to go to other countries first. Make sure may iba't ibang tatak ng mga countires ang passport mo. By then, you are good to go!
    I will be posting about US visa in a few days.

  10. hi MrsM, i got a couple of 'tatak' in my passport, but those were asian destinations only.. they still thought i am a potential TNT, hehe.

    will check your post about US visa.. thanks! :)


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