Thursday, September 23, 2010

How I Enjoyed my Day with Just Seven Pesos

A lucky Wednesday for me!  I only spent Php7 and yet I managed to be full and happy.  How?

McDonald's for breakfast, which I got for free! I live a few blocks from my office, and while walking along Ayala Ave, I met Tita Elsie (our dear friend neighbor).  She wanted to buy me breakfast, and of course, I happily accepted.  Thanks Tita Elsie!

SPI Turned 2!

Our usual 1-hour lunch today became a fancy group lunch as we celebrated our company's birthday at La Grotta Cucina Italiana, which was located a few blocks away from our office.

I really don't want to interrupt their lunch so I only took photos of my own food! We ordered mostly 'bounties of the sea', and I don't have antihistamine ready so I settled with this:

Linguini with truffle cream sauce + a slice of Pizza Romagnolia

Sumptuous meals ala ruins behind my refreshing melon shake :)

Company lunch, yeah this is the company. @_@
We missed you Bastie, Eric, and ok.. Marjon. Haha!

Happy Birthday to us!

Okay, so I did not shell out money for this lunch.. wow, what's next?

Sagot Ka Ni Henlin

@Greenbelt 1

For dinner, it was time to claim those FREE bowls of Chicken Asado Mami and Wanton Mami, which I won from Henlin! Yes, I won twice!  Then to complete our meal, Paulo just added Pork and Shrimp siomai, mini Asado siopao, and drinks.  Yay!

If you want to GRAB a bowl of Mami from HENLIN for FREE, Click on the photo below :) Good luck!

*screen cap from my winning!*
Not a single cent for this, hehe.  Off to Glorietta 4!

Gleek Sneak

I got 2 invites for the sneak peak of Glee Season 2 Cinema Premiere from KFC Philippines!   I was there at 645 pm, and I patiently waited alone for 2 hours before the airing of the season premiere.  Though, it was a good thing I met a fellow blogger, Czaroma Roman.  I just recognized her from her blog photos and because I got my BDJ Power Planner 2010 from her.  It was nice to meet you, Ms. Czaroma.  :)

When I got inside the hall, I was surprised that there's a buffet table waiting for us.  I saw some potato salad, macaroons, and all sorts of finger foods.  Though, I just had dinner and I am kinda full so I did not get any of those tempting meals, but I can't resist to try this one:

KFC Shakin shots ~ I got garlic parmesan, which I super liked!  ♥

After almost 30 minutes inside, I was asked to vacate my seat because the row of unlabeled seats I was into was supposedly for KFC's clients.  I was annoyed at first, but the KFC staff was kinda apologetic when he asked me to transfer, and of course I understand so Chillax! Luckily, I found a better seat at the back! 

Seat no. 17 was not taken!
I invited at least 4 of my friends, but everyone's 'K-KIND OF BUSY'
We were asked to be there at 730 pm, and none of us know (well, except for their VIPs) that the cinema premiere will be simultaneous with the TV premiere.  If only they told us that airing would be at 9 pm, I could have showed up at 830(ish). Hehe. Kidding! 

They threw some raffle and games, yay!  I volunteered to join the Shakin' Shots dance game.  Well, at first we did not know that we will be asked to dance the Shakin' Shots way with palakasan ng palakpak style of judging.  With a split second of courage and a minute of humiliation, I won these:

Consolation prize:  Glee shirt and 3 KFC GCs for Snack box!
Thank you KFC Philippines! 

What a lucky day!  So, you'd ask now where I spent my Php7?  Answer:  1 Jeepney ride going home.



  1. an dami mong sinasalihan na contest. baka sa susunod my little miss philippines ka na. hehe.

  2. haha, patawa ka talaga george.. sali ka din sa henlin promo.. 25K din yun pag nanalo ka, libre mo kami ha! :)

  3. seriously?! you should have just walked! hahaha! :p

  4. je, actually plano ko nga.. hahaha! :D

  5. ei te dian, panu ka sumasali sa mga contest na yan? gusto q din.. hehe..

  6. hi ren! click mo lang yun photo ng henlin sa taas, sagot ka lang ng maikling survey, good luck!

  7. wow! sana ako rin magkaron freebies :)

    hoping we can exlinks :)
    online journal
    my soltero baby

    do you have an ONLINE STORE? list it for FREE, site launching this september
    current raves

  8. great! you won so many things! I'm opening Henlin's link to try my luck lol


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