Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sofia! (Part 2)

Hi, all!

How's your weekend so far?  As for me, I've spent it with the kids again. :)  Despicable Me did not happen. *Sigh* But, we still enjoyed celebrating Sofia's birthday, Part 2.

I realized I forgot 2 things:  Camera and cake candle :(

What's on the table? 
Minions-turned-Cinderella-themed refrigerated Graham cake
Akik miki-bihon pansit
Selecta 3-in-1 ice cream (Thank you, Ate Lengs)Julie's bakeshop Ube Graciosa Loaf
Orange juice
 *Loot bags*

Sofia is so excited to get her loot bag that she requested all to hurry up eating so we could all play! 

Newspaper Dance

It is really obvious here who's going to win this game, right?
Prizes:  Milkita candies ~ chewy milk candies loaded with calcium, eh?

Pinoy Henyo ~ A popular guessing game as seen from Eat Bulaga! 

Sofia should guess 'SOFIA'

Sofia:  Tao ba to?
All: OO
Sofia:  Hayop ba to?
All: Hindi, tao nga!
Sofia:  Ah tao, panget ba to?
All: Uhm, pwede pwede..
Sofia: Ah pwede, Ate Shiela ba to? *TOINKS*

Happy Birthday, Sofia! :) 


  1. hahahah. fun bday party. i love kids party.

  2. thanks for dropping by denise :) yeah, kids' party is always fun :)


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