Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sofia! (Part 1)

Sofia turned 4 yesterday and here's our version of her birthday cake.

A slice of biko or sinukmani ~ an authentic Tagalog delicacy made from malagkit rice, topped with a heart-shaped candy. Not a good match, but she really liked that candy! :)

She's not in the mood yesterday, a BIG NO for a photo op :(

I promised her that I will make a birthday cake on Saturday (that would be Part 2), and I might bring them to the mall and hopefully we can watch Despicable Me

Photo taken from Wikipedia :)

Happy Birthday, Sofia.. I Love You! ♥



  1. saw your comment about frozen yogurt in manila girl's blog when i just published an entry about fro-yo ;) anyway, i'm just bloghopping. happy 4th to sofia!

    ☆ definitely, maybe

  2. hi ♥ joei, thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. wow! I miss biko! Happy Birthday little girl!


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