Monday, September 6, 2010

Five and a Half Reasons to Give Thanks

A friend recently passed the Physician's licensure exam and she invited us for a thanksgiving dinner.  I thought, it's been a while and I really needed some catching up with them. 

Without hesitation, I RSVPd.

It turned out, we have five and a half reasons to give thanks.

Rose is now a licensed MD, and we are truly proud of her! 

Candy is just a year away from being an MD as well, which means another thanksgiving dinner next year? :)

A big revelation - Prime became the youngest college dean I know.

It was Tita Ruby's birthday (mommy ni Kat), and she was able to celebrate it with her family.  {Kat, let's get together again soon, maybe Brix's or Keisha's birthday? Im inviting myself! Haha, you know me, Im just one text away} :)

Diadhen is seriously considering her dream to become a doctor, and she has another blessing on the way. 

I share the same dream with her, I really wanted to become a doctor {and a mother}, and I salute her for reflecting on following that dream at this time.  I personally thought that I totally missed the chance, and it's really not my calling {being a doctor, that is}.  For me, 2005 was the year I considered as the point of no return.  If at that time I had the finances and the much needed emotional support from my family, I could have followed my dream and study medicine.  September 5 2010 could have been my night too, giving thanks for I passed the licensure exam ~ well.. maybe.

Everything happens for a reason. 
And I know the reason now. ♥

Well, for that night I also had a little something to give thanks for:

Molten chocolate and blueberry cheesecake, yum! :)



  1. nice dianne...ds s a cute blog...indeed, we really have plenty reasons to celebrate...& one of these is having a great barkadahan.... so proud tlg... we might have various pathways but all of us r still connected.. To God be the Glory!=)

  2. you should be a feature writer dian!nagulat ako sa 5th reason.wala pa naman akong sinasabihan.well...may isa and i told her pinag iisipan ko pa kaya di nya dapat ikwento...sira ulong cpt dean yan o!!!hahahaha..may araw ka rin prime!but really, i thank you all guys!thanks for remembering me that night.congrats rose!and to you candy,konti nalang!god is indeed omnipresent for giving each of us his continuous love and guiding light.

  3. hahaha! kasalanan pala ni prime ito! oh well, alam na naming lahat and ngayon pa lang we are so proud of you! :)


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