Thursday, September 16, 2010

All Organics' Sugar Honey Hair Removal Cold Wax

I am not new to waxing my legs, in fact I am a huge cold wax fan for a year now and my first hair removal cold wax was from an equally great brand, Strip It!

I was still intrigued by All Organics' version and decided to try it for myself.  I wanted to buy this the last time I was at Legaspi Sunday Market, but they had no stock so I had it delivered instead.
Proudly made in the Philippines, visit

The kit includes:
Sugar Honey Hair Removal Cold Wax, 200g
Information/instruction leaflet
2 pcs reusable cloth strips

From the label ~ We used a very old, very famous Egyptian recipe for wax that is completely natural and extremely effective.  It is basically caramel, right before it reaches the crystallising stage.  The sugar Honey Cold wax needs to be applied directly on to the skin.  The hair sticks to the wax and is then removed with the quick pull back action. 

Sugar Honey Hair Removal Cold Wax 

  • Easy to use; no heating required

  • Economical

  • All natural

  • Easy to wipe off 

What I loved about this product was that it's very light and easy to apply!  At Php290 only, this is really a great deal for me.  I have used this on my legs and it gave great results.  I used this on my underarms as well.  Tip:  Apply just a thin layer of the sugar wax and spread it evenly.  The first time I used this on my underarms, I thought I applied it too much, and when I quickly pulled the cloth strip, oh my pain to the max! It was not a prickling pain that was usual when using cold wax.  It was a dull pain, I thought someone just punched my underarm, how's that?! Tiny red bumps also appeared after waxing, this was rather normal, but on my underarm it was kinda ecchymotic!  I wasn't alarmed though because I know what actually went wrong, so remember just a thin layer of the cold wax will do, ok?

How about you, have you tried cold wax?  What brand did you use and how did it go?  I would love to hear from you.



  1. hi! so which is better for you? yung sa strip it or yung sa all organics? i wanna buy din kase. i'm torn between those 2 brands. first time ko kase try mag wax so your suggestion would be highly appreciated. :)

  2. hi wonderwall :)
    actually, for me.. i liked all organics dahil mas madali sya i-apply (it's lighter, not so sticky) compared to strip it, but having used both.. i haven't observed any major differences in terms of results :) best results nga lang pag gamit ko yun white cloth strip from strip it kesa sa reusable cloth strip ng all organics. :)

    hope this helps. :)

  3. hi! thanks! i'd go with all organics na lang..i want to buy soaps and other stuff din kase from shipping pa naman for orders over 800, hehe! thanks again!

  4. great! actually that's another reason din why i chose all organics :)


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