Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Afternoon Date With My Lil' BFF

Marie and I started our afternoon date with a free bowl of Yakiniku at Yoshinoya.  There, we shared stories and we talked about almost anything.  We talked about our favorite music and our LSS at that moment.  We recalled Bugoy Drilon's Pagkat Mahal Kita lyrics and how Sofia sang that on a crowded bus the last time.  We also talked about our favorite scene in Dolphy and Vic's Dobol Trobol movie, and how we are both 'kilig' with Enchong Dee and Erich's love team.  We never ran out of stories to share.  Our topics range from her school assignment to my visa denial, from her heart surgery to my dream wedding.  She's my little BFF, really!   

This isn't a ghost story, we are only talking about her school project. *LOL*

My almost-finished Yakiniku!  Haha, forgot to take photos of it! I guess we are really that hungry, huh? =0

If you wish to avail Yoshinoya's promo, just print these coupons and present it to any Yoshinoya outlet.  Available in Yakiniku and Katsudon.  Promo ends September 30, 2010.  Enjoy! :)

From Parksquare Makati to Quiapo

After almost an hour of bus ride, or should I say traffic, we arrived at our next destination:  Quiapo Church.

Yakult cart at Plaza Miranda :) 
Yakult, Php8 each.. walang straw? =(

Quiapo has been our ULTIMATE FAVORITE destination.  When Marie was like 4 or 5 years old, I remember bringing her in Quiapo for 3 stops:  Quiapo church, Wellmanson, and our favorite siomai stall near Henry's.  For today, we were successful in visiting Quiapo church and Wellmanson, but we had no luck with our favorite siomai! =(  Oh well, next time ok?

*No photos outside Plaza Miranda, with Marie on one hand and her stuff on the other, it was really impossible for me to take photos. =(

From Quiapo to Robinson's Place

Marie kept on bugging me about The White Hat as I mentioned that earlier and yeah, I promised her that we'll try it.  My feet are tired, but I don't mean to break a promise, and with her power of suggestion, I instantly craved for The White Hat as well.  Off to Rob Place!

The Wizard's Hat, regular size at Php125

The Wizard's Hat ~ Sprinkles of colors stirred by a magic wand, scattered on a creamy white yogurt, made more magical and fun!

Marie loved The White Hat as much as I did!  She'd say, "Ang sarap nung white" in every bite.. seriously.  And her uber expensive suggestion was to try all NEW 10 HATS one by one! :0

But I thought, hmmm.. sounds good, we'll try The Baker's Hat next time.

Marie's The Wizard's Hat in Hipstamatic mode =)
I felt so happy to see her smile. I could have regret it if I ignored her when she insisted to go there. The White Hat was indeed the perfect way to conclude our afternoon date.



  1. Hello
    Grabe three places in a day! I seldom go to Quiapo these days but there are so many good finds there like Henry's for camera, Excellente for ham. And yeah the Quiapo church!


  2. haha, yeah 3 places in one day.. which reminds me, i badly need a foot spa + massage now! haha :D


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