Monday, September 27, 2010

We Twisted, We Licked, and We Got Dunked!

Help us win Php10,000 from Oreo Philippines :)
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The photo with the most likes will win Php10,000.  Crossing our fingers that it would be us! :)


September 26, 2010: At the Global City Fort bus on our way to Market! Market!

Pilyang makulit :)

Sofia got so excited when she saw this giant velcro wall, and really wanted to try it!  But there are a couple of kids that cried at the velcro wall and Sofia just changed her mind, Haha!  Of course, I don't want to insist because it would be a disaster for me if she cry and throw a tantrum there!

Nagutom sa pila! LOL!

Oh, well at least she enjoyed the backdrop-turned-pseudo-mini velcro wall!

Thanks OREO, we really had so much fun!

Click LIKE now and help us win that cash prize for a family bonding experience we will never forget! 

♥ Dianne, Marie, and Sofia ♥

For those who want to experience this fun and be a Human Oreo at the Get Dunked Event, catch Oreo Philippines at their last hurrah on October 3, 2010 (Sunday) at Alabang Festival Mall.  For more info, visit  Have fun!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

How I Enjoyed my Day with Just Seven Pesos

A lucky Wednesday for me!  I only spent Php7 and yet I managed to be full and happy.  How?

McDonald's for breakfast, which I got for free! I live a few blocks from my office, and while walking along Ayala Ave, I met Tita Elsie (our dear friend neighbor).  She wanted to buy me breakfast, and of course, I happily accepted.  Thanks Tita Elsie!

SPI Turned 2!

Our usual 1-hour lunch today became a fancy group lunch as we celebrated our company's birthday at La Grotta Cucina Italiana, which was located a few blocks away from our office.

I really don't want to interrupt their lunch so I only took photos of my own food! We ordered mostly 'bounties of the sea', and I don't have antihistamine ready so I settled with this:

Linguini with truffle cream sauce + a slice of Pizza Romagnolia

Sumptuous meals ala ruins behind my refreshing melon shake :)

Company lunch, yeah this is the company. @_@
We missed you Bastie, Eric, and ok.. Marjon. Haha!

Happy Birthday to us!

Okay, so I did not shell out money for this lunch.. wow, what's next?

Sagot Ka Ni Henlin

@Greenbelt 1

For dinner, it was time to claim those FREE bowls of Chicken Asado Mami and Wanton Mami, which I won from Henlin! Yes, I won twice!  Then to complete our meal, Paulo just added Pork and Shrimp siomai, mini Asado siopao, and drinks.  Yay!

If you want to GRAB a bowl of Mami from HENLIN for FREE, Click on the photo below :) Good luck!

*screen cap from my winning!*
Not a single cent for this, hehe.  Off to Glorietta 4!

Gleek Sneak

I got 2 invites for the sneak peak of Glee Season 2 Cinema Premiere from KFC Philippines!   I was there at 645 pm, and I patiently waited alone for 2 hours before the airing of the season premiere.  Though, it was a good thing I met a fellow blogger, Czaroma Roman.  I just recognized her from her blog photos and because I got my BDJ Power Planner 2010 from her.  It was nice to meet you, Ms. Czaroma.  :)

When I got inside the hall, I was surprised that there's a buffet table waiting for us.  I saw some potato salad, macaroons, and all sorts of finger foods.  Though, I just had dinner and I am kinda full so I did not get any of those tempting meals, but I can't resist to try this one:

KFC Shakin shots ~ I got garlic parmesan, which I super liked!  ♥

After almost 30 minutes inside, I was asked to vacate my seat because the row of unlabeled seats I was into was supposedly for KFC's clients.  I was annoyed at first, but the KFC staff was kinda apologetic when he asked me to transfer, and of course I understand so Chillax! Luckily, I found a better seat at the back! 

Seat no. 17 was not taken!
I invited at least 4 of my friends, but everyone's 'K-KIND OF BUSY'
We were asked to be there at 730 pm, and none of us know (well, except for their VIPs) that the cinema premiere will be simultaneous with the TV premiere.  If only they told us that airing would be at 9 pm, I could have showed up at 830(ish). Hehe. Kidding! 

They threw some raffle and games, yay!  I volunteered to join the Shakin' Shots dance game.  Well, at first we did not know that we will be asked to dance the Shakin' Shots way with palakasan ng palakpak style of judging.  With a split second of courage and a minute of humiliation, I won these:

Consolation prize:  Glee shirt and 3 KFC GCs for Snack box!
Thank you KFC Philippines! 

What a lucky day!  So, you'd ask now where I spent my Php7?  Answer:  1 Jeepney ride going home.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Afternoon Date With My Lil' BFF

Marie and I started our afternoon date with a free bowl of Yakiniku at Yoshinoya.  There, we shared stories and we talked about almost anything.  We talked about our favorite music and our LSS at that moment.  We recalled Bugoy Drilon's Pagkat Mahal Kita lyrics and how Sofia sang that on a crowded bus the last time.  We also talked about our favorite scene in Dolphy and Vic's Dobol Trobol movie, and how we are both 'kilig' with Enchong Dee and Erich's love team.  We never ran out of stories to share.  Our topics range from her school assignment to my visa denial, from her heart surgery to my dream wedding.  She's my little BFF, really!   

This isn't a ghost story, we are only talking about her school project. *LOL*

My almost-finished Yakiniku!  Haha, forgot to take photos of it! I guess we are really that hungry, huh? =0

If you wish to avail Yoshinoya's promo, just print these coupons and present it to any Yoshinoya outlet.  Available in Yakiniku and Katsudon.  Promo ends September 30, 2010.  Enjoy! :)

From Parksquare Makati to Quiapo

After almost an hour of bus ride, or should I say traffic, we arrived at our next destination:  Quiapo Church.

Yakult cart at Plaza Miranda :) 
Yakult, Php8 each.. walang straw? =(

Quiapo has been our ULTIMATE FAVORITE destination.  When Marie was like 4 or 5 years old, I remember bringing her in Quiapo for 3 stops:  Quiapo church, Wellmanson, and our favorite siomai stall near Henry's.  For today, we were successful in visiting Quiapo church and Wellmanson, but we had no luck with our favorite siomai! =(  Oh well, next time ok?

*No photos outside Plaza Miranda, with Marie on one hand and her stuff on the other, it was really impossible for me to take photos. =(

From Quiapo to Robinson's Place

Marie kept on bugging me about The White Hat as I mentioned that earlier and yeah, I promised her that we'll try it.  My feet are tired, but I don't mean to break a promise, and with her power of suggestion, I instantly craved for The White Hat as well.  Off to Rob Place!

The Wizard's Hat, regular size at Php125

The Wizard's Hat ~ Sprinkles of colors stirred by a magic wand, scattered on a creamy white yogurt, made more magical and fun!

Marie loved The White Hat as much as I did!  She'd say, "Ang sarap nung white" in every bite.. seriously.  And her uber expensive suggestion was to try all NEW 10 HATS one by one! :0

But I thought, hmmm.. sounds good, we'll try The Baker's Hat next time.

Marie's The Wizard's Hat in Hipstamatic mode =)
I felt so happy to see her smile. I could have regret it if I ignored her when she insisted to go there. The White Hat was indeed the perfect way to conclude our afternoon date.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

All Organics' Sugar Honey Hair Removal Cold Wax

I am not new to waxing my legs, in fact I am a huge cold wax fan for a year now and my first hair removal cold wax was from an equally great brand, Strip It!

I was still intrigued by All Organics' version and decided to try it for myself.  I wanted to buy this the last time I was at Legaspi Sunday Market, but they had no stock so I had it delivered instead.
Proudly made in the Philippines, visit

The kit includes:
Sugar Honey Hair Removal Cold Wax, 200g
Information/instruction leaflet
2 pcs reusable cloth strips

From the label ~ We used a very old, very famous Egyptian recipe for wax that is completely natural and extremely effective.  It is basically caramel, right before it reaches the crystallising stage.  The sugar Honey Cold wax needs to be applied directly on to the skin.  The hair sticks to the wax and is then removed with the quick pull back action. 

Sugar Honey Hair Removal Cold Wax 

  • Easy to use; no heating required

  • Economical

  • All natural

  • Easy to wipe off 

What I loved about this product was that it's very light and easy to apply!  At Php290 only, this is really a great deal for me.  I have used this on my legs and it gave great results.  I used this on my underarms as well.  Tip:  Apply just a thin layer of the sugar wax and spread it evenly.  The first time I used this on my underarms, I thought I applied it too much, and when I quickly pulled the cloth strip, oh my pain to the max! It was not a prickling pain that was usual when using cold wax.  It was a dull pain, I thought someone just punched my underarm, how's that?! Tiny red bumps also appeared after waxing, this was rather normal, but on my underarm it was kinda ecchymotic!  I wasn't alarmed though because I know what actually went wrong, so remember just a thin layer of the cold wax will do, ok?

How about you, have you tried cold wax?  What brand did you use and how did it go?  I would love to hear from you.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Authentic Italian Food, Healthy Frozen Yogurt, and Great Company!

For the last installment of my long weekend, my friends and I all agreed to meet in Megamall for our MEGA DINNER!  Once we get there, we’ll decide where to eat as I quote “depende sa gutom, depende sa budget”. We all craved for something Italian, so we thought of aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante versus Amici Restaurant.

Janice and I have been to aVeneto before, and the couple (Prell and James ♥) wanted to try Amici, and so for this get-together dinner, Amici wins! As simple as that :)

Amici Restaurant

What's on the table?
Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino, Php175
Mild spicy pasta dish in rich garlic and olive oil sauce with anchovies

Quattro Stagioni, Php290
Four-season combination of ham, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and black olives

Canneloni Agli Spinaci, Php220
An Amici classic favorite! Tubes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese topped with creamy cheese tomato sauce

Spaghetti Alla Bolognese (not in photo), Php185
A delightful dish with your favorite meaty tomato sauce

We ordered one of each kind, and I noticed why on earth nobody from us wanted cream-based pasta that night?! Anyway, the Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino was mildy spicy.  I liked it, though I thought a quarter of the serving was garlic! I am not a 'garlic person', and the obssessive-compulsive me spent time sorting out the garlic! But, that's okay, I actually enjoyed this dish. :)

There was nothing special about their Spaghetti Alla Bolognese (at least for me). I liked it because it was super meaty, but I wanted my tomato-based pasta to taste like tomatoes per se! The meat overpowered the taste of the whole thing, I mean it’s not bland, but it’s not tomato(ish) for me. Though, I still liked it (I know I am that easy to please with food).

I was happy we ordered Canneloni Agli Spinaci. This was my first time to try it, and it surely became an instant favorite! I never thought I would like spinach, but I did. The cheese kinda melts in my mouth, and the spinach brings out a subtle saltiness, a distinct taste in every bite. Super wow!

I think I’ve tried Quattro Stagioni several times in Amici di Don Bosco, and I liked it as usual! I remembered whenever I crave for thin-crust pizzas, I would only think of Amici along with Shakey’s Manager’s Choice and Joey Pepperoni’s.  Those were my kind of pizzas. :)

It seemed that they did not like the pizza as much as I did, so I ended up munching about 3 1/2 slices! 

Me, Janice, Prell, and Dylan ~ Here's our photo after what, 4 years? Good to see you, guys! We all gained.. chorvah! ♥
Oooops, sorry for my stuff on the table (that was FabManila bag, btw) {Prell, let's buy Estrel's caramel cake next time, *wink*}

Frozen Yogurt Really Makes Me Happy!

As much as I loved Amici's gelato, it was the group's unanimous decision to have dessert somewhere else.  Voting was 1:2:2 - Wants ice cream : wants frozen yogurt : does not care.  We have no time to break the tie and because Dylan will treat us for dessert, it must be special!  Considering that it was already quarter to 9pm, and most of the shops are closing, it was a relief to find California Berry at the lower ground floor waiting for us!
California Berry

Estrel's caramel cake: Why have frozen yogurt? Eat me! LOL!

Yum! Prices ranged from Php 85 to Php145 :)

Because Janice had the last scoop of blueberries, I had mine with cheesecake solo!

Thanks to Janice, Dylan, Prell, and James!  I had a very satisfied belly and such an amazing time with you, guys!  Also, it was nice meeting you James.  Can't wait for Part 2, see you all! ♥


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few Bottles and Countless Stories

To watch or not to watch Rain in MOA was my dilemma last weekend, and this was resolved when one of my dear friend invited us for a small get-together.

I know it could be possible that Rain won't do a concert again here in the Philippines in  the very near future (maybe next decade), ha! but I considered seeing my friends as a rare event as well. :)

So yeah, Rain was kicked off my priority list!

Saturday Night

We initially went to Collective in Malugay Street (for a change), but we thought the place was boring or maybe we were there early, so we find our way to Central BBQ Boy Grill! Oh boy, the crowd was unbelievable, but thank goodness we managed to get a TABLE FOR 4!

Six Hours of Catching Up

Photos taken from my iPhone, Hipstamatic App
Lens: John S
Film: Kodot Verichrome

Six hours! But, we did not get wasted.. just a few bottles and a lot of talks.. and pulutan! :) 


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