Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend: Liliw, the Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines

I remember one day when I asked Paulo if we haven’t met in our previous workplace (here in Makati), where else does he think our paths could have crossed? He answered Laguna. Though, I thought there’s a slim chance of us meeting in UPLB (his alma mater) and a slimmer chance of us meeting in Liliw (my mother’s hometown).

Ha! Well, maybe.. just maybe. :)

Day 2 of our Laguna trip: I was not initially thrilled to go to Liliw, I prefer to watch DVD at their home or go somewhere I haven’t been to, but Paulo really wanted to visit just to know what it looks like or know what’s the buzz about it being the ‘Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines’.

It turned out, I was so happy he insisted, because it meant shopping for me! :)

After over an hour of 2 jeepney rides, Php74 of fare.. this is how my hair looked like.. :(

So I had my losyang scrunchy look the whole time, haha.

After a short stop at my relative’s place, we immediately went to Bayan or what we used to call Ilaya. Gat Tayaw Street is a long stretch of tsinelas/shoe stores leading to the church. Here are some of the photos:

I recalled my college friends would laugh at me when they asked where did I get my shoes, and I would answer, “Badong’s”. Yes, I wear Badong’s.

Every Liliw local knows Badong’s Footwear. It is owned by Salvador Monteiro, and it is indeed one of the famous and oldest shops there. Visitors would not fail to recognize it because it’s a prominent spot, just a block down from the plaza.

I got one of these peeptoe flats (Php275), I bought the white one so you won’t see in the photo. Haha! The shoes here cost no more than Php500!

Aside from Badong’s Footwear, my default shoe place would be Entrada.

You wouldn’t miss it because it has the eye-catching facade and definitely impressive interiors! Here are some of the photos from inside the store:

Prices range from Php329 to Php389

I think I have 2 pairs from this rack, which I previously bought. Yeah, I noticed they keep on restocking the same styles, but from time to time they will have new additions like this one:

Animal print flats, Php349

But, talk about shoe size misfortune and getting second best lately, I got this instead.

Wearable gold, strappy wedge shoes at Php329. Paulo suggested this, and I actually liked it, plus I know I needed more height so I bought it! The people there are kind enough to give me discount as well, so I bagged this for only Php300! Great deal!

Shocked! Haha.

One Happy Girl :)

Of course, this trip would not be complete without visiting my 2 other favorite destinations here.
Liliw Church (St. John the Baptisth Parish of Liliw)

It is rumored to be the church from ABS-CBN's Kampanerang Kuba, but no! That would be the Nagcarlan Church, one jeep ride away. Haha!

Gonzales’ Special Uraro

Parallel to the Gat Tayaw Street is where you can find pasalubongs and other sweets, all home-made! I particularly liked Gonzales’ Special Uraro - as I told Paulo that everytime I had to taste a new uraro, I compare it with this.

It's a barber shop, easy to find. And this is just a small town, you can just ask the locals where Gonzales' barber shop/uraro house and they'll be glad to point you where it is.

We spotted 'Putol' (the dog amputee) making friends to the house cat.

.. and to Paulo

and to me.. :) Sweet dog.

That's it. Time to go home..

Tired, but happy :)

If you are planning to go there and shop, I suggest you visit Liliw on August 28-29, 2010 for the town fiesta a.k.a. Tsinelas Festival! :)

Badong’s Footwear: (049) 5631008
Entrada: (049) 5631084, 09173676731 (Lucy), 09175335108 (Rhey)
Gonzales’ Special Uraro: (049) 5631140



  1. I'm seriously loving your hauls! I wonder if they have giant sizes? XD (I'm size 9/10)...

  2. i'm sure they have :) be sure to get size 10 kasi small yun sizes sa entrada.. but the animal print flats, OOS when i went there (seriously, last pair na yun sa photo)

    too bad though, they don't have online store (kahit email man lang).. haha, but i think i have seen some manila-based resellers ng entrada shoes sa sulit and multiply, though i did not pay much attention to it kasi i can always visit liliw naman if i want to, hehe..

  3. nice shoes! how do i get there? i wanna go there too..

  4. Nice blog entry. I love liliw. We used to immerse in a little community there! :) Great shoe finds!

  5. hi roxy, we went there by public transpo lang.. by buses going to sta cruz laguna then jeep to liliw, pauwi ganun lang din :) travel time is 2-3 hours.. most nagpupunta dun wholesalers, hehe. you might check resellers online, usually they'd tell you 'Gawang Liliw' :)

    hi ash, it's a pretty little community, right? super laid back feel lang, and ganda din ng view ng mountains.. :)

  6. Nice blog. Went to Liliw last weekend and found exactly the same pair of sandals they had in Entrada at a much lower price in another shop!

  7. thanks. oh wow! i bet that's a good find for you, malou. :)


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