Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend: eLBi Visit

I love weekends, and I love birthdays!

It was Janine's (Paulo's sister) birthday, and we were there to celebrate it with her. The celebrant requested for Mer-Nel's chocolate cake, and we thought it would be a great idea to visit UP Los Banos (UPLB) Campus as well and go to my favorite spot, The Philippine Carabao Center Dairy Corner. :)

The vendor inside claimed that it is most busy during Saturdays, and that explains why the line was long. :) Actually, I wasn't surprise because I know how good their yogurts are, and now is my first time to try their chocomilk, which I thought was very good!

So we got Chocomilk (200mL, Php15 each), Yoghurt Plain (200g, Php28), and Yoghurt Patchberry Flavor (200g, Php35). As I said before, yogurt really makes me happy, and I figured how lucky we were because this 2 yogurts are the last pieces of yogurt goodies from today's batch, and I did not go all the way to UPLB just to miss the chance, haha! I don't know what Patchberry means but I think it basically has bits of strawberries in there, yum!

And of course, the best place to eat these goodies? UPLB Fertility Tree!

Haha, just kidding. After we finished our yogurts and chocomilk, I could not resist but to go back to PCC Dairy Corner and buy again for pasalubong. I bought Chocomilk for the kids (my cousins) and White Cheese (Php55) for my mom.

We roam around for a bit and then we find our way out to get Mer-Nel's chocolate cake. :)

Mer-Nel's, Home of the Famous Chocolate Cake

What I love about Mer-Nel's is that the place is very unassuming, but the cake is soooo good! I have allergies with chocolate, but Mer-Nel's is one of those cakes (along with Karen's Kitchen and Conti's) that I will not mind eating despite my allergies. Seriously. Besides, I have my antihistamine ready, haha!

Mer-Nel's is famous for their heart-shaped cakes, but this is a birthday so we got the round cake instead. Medium-sized round cake costs Php270 only! :)

Happy Birthday, Janine! :)



  1. Mernels cake and the carabao chocomilk are my faves. :) I always enjoy seeing photos of my alma mater. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Ida, I really enjoyed visiting your alma mater, and the chocomilk and Mer-Nel's cake are cetainly instant favorites! :)

  3. Wanna try MerNel's! i heard its really yummy.


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