Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Venus Raj Had No 'Major Major Mistake' in Her Life

Photo taken from http://www.missuniverse.com

William Baldwin: What is one big mistake you made in your life and what did you do to make it right?

Venus Raj: In my 22 years of existence, there is no major, major problem that I have done in my life because I am very confident with my family and the love that they have given to me.

In the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010 Beauty Pageant, Miss Philippines Venus Raj claimed that she had no 'major, major' mistake in her 22 years of existence because of the love of her family.

I believed her.

Venus, as you said, you are just 22 years old. Don't worry you will encounter a lot of mistakes in your life as you age, and you'll definitely charge it to experience. Count your answer as one of those.  *I reckon her answer is not a major mistake, she just showed how honest she was.*

Hey, we're MAJOR MAJOR proud of you. Cheers!



  1. At least her first major major mistake was committed still with grace and poise! Haha! Sayang! I found myself shouting and cheering while watching her. But well, her 22-inch waistline is not enough :p

  2. really? 22-inch waistline?! that's major major diet? hehehe :D

  3. It's not a major major loss naman.. I guess, she just can't major majorly relate to the question and na-rattle lang talaga, but 4th place is still 4th place.

    Major major congratulations to Venus Raj! :)

  4. Oh man, I really laughed when I heard her answer. It may have been true, but now she has a REAL major major mistake... she answered honestly and lost the crown! XD

  5. yeah i thought so, and at least she brings pride to our country being in the top 5. hooray! :)


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