Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Foam

I know it's obvious by now that I am a big Tony Moly fan.  Well, I guess I am just loving Tony Moly one product at a time. :)

I tried a sample of Tony Moly Berry Berry Cleansing Foam about 3 months ago, and at initial use I was convinced to buy its full size.  By the time I was ready to order, the seller told me that it has been discontinued.  Oh no! I searched for it for 3 months and even posted a 'Looking For' ads in Girltalk, but to no avail. 

Just when I was about to give up searching (since I thought I can pretty much settle with Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam), I found Krazy/Beautiful: A Korean Beauty Shoppe, an online shop carrying Tony Moly products! Yay!

Lizz told me that the product was reformulated/repackaged that is why I can't find it.  The reformulated product is now labeled as 'Nutrivive'. 

Removes makeup, impurities from deep pores with an effect of smooth and rich foam and contains berry complex to provide elasticized and healthy moisturizing skin.

What I love about this cleansing foam is that it leaves a fresh matte feeling, and I can visibly notice the dirt and the color of my makeup into our white sink! 

It has a nice sweet soapy scent (like that of Pond's, but better and not as strong as Etude House Happy Tea Time).  I also liked how refreshing it is minus the pulling effect or tightness after washing my face. 

Absolutely no breakout. 

If I were to choose between these 2 cleansing foams, I would still prefer Tony Moly regardless of its price difference (Etude House - Php180; Tony Moly - Php400).  Deciding factor:  It leaves my skin soft and matte, and it's nondrying.  I just love it! ♥

Berry Berry ~ funny that as of this writing I am watching Miss Universe 2010 and Ms. Venus Raj mentioned 'Very Very' twice! She noted her gown was comfortable and 'very very' flowy and she is 'very very' happy that she's in Mandalay Bay. Ha! I love her now as I love my Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Foam.



  1. I'm super happy you enjoyed this item, sis! :D I'll link it to my shop entry. :D

  2. Nice post, the product seems wonderful, will add it in my wants list. XD

  3. yes it is, hope it'll work for you.. good luck. :)


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