Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Nation's Pow


This was my FB status message 3 hours ago, the moment when the driver was freed and he hysterically announced that all hostages were killed inside the bus.

I was at the office when I read about the hostage taking at Quirino Grandstand this morning, and I never thought it would lead to a tragic ending.

Mixed emotions.

I am really saddened. I am scared. I am puzzled. I am ashamed.

I know there is no need for me to elaborate my feelings as I am sure that Filipinos in all parts of the world felt the same way. I am almost certain where this event would lead us, but I am still hoping for the best. What we can do now is pray ~ for the victims and their families, for the hostage taker and his family, for the policemen, for the media, for all those involved, and for our nation.

I am really in tears as I write this, now I know that it's a bad idea to watch it live on television. I think most of us needs stress debriefing as well. :(

May God bless us all.

Note: Pow is something that lets you down, or an event that makes you sad.


  1. It was horrifying. Actually nakakahiya din kasi makikilala na naman ang Philippines sa bad way. :c
    Yes let's just pray na makakamove on tayo sa tragedy na to.

  2. exactly as i thought, sikat na naman tayo..
    and in fairness, bidang bida ang mga pulis. *sigh* let's just pray and hope for the best..

  3. When people ask me here where I'm from, I proudly say "I am from the Philippines!" I don't think I have the guts to do that after what happened. So what happened to all the dry runs these law enforcers did for bomb threats and hostage-taking? I think it's better if they just watch 24, they might learn a thing or two from Jack Bauer. What happened is really sad because lives were lost. But it's still a reminder that we haven't learned from the past. This is not the first hostage-taking in our country that led to bloodbath. And this is not the first time that lack of common sense led to lost of lives. Hay naloka ko sa kwento ng tear gas :(

  4. hay nako je, kung sa teargas ka naloloka.. ako di ako maka-get over dun sa rope! tsk!

  5. anong meron sa rope? meron ba? OMG naman yan!

  6. sinubukan nila itali yun rope sa door ng bus then itatali sa police pickup para mabuksan yun bus door, parang ngipin-sinulid-doorknob ang eksena!

    ang ending, napigtal yun rope then nagtatawanan pa sila sa super bright idea nila na pumalpak. OMG!

    actually naaawa ako sa pulis natin kasi bidang bida sila ngayon, naaawa talaga ako pero i can't help it, nakakaloka sila!


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