Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Rainy Sunday at Legaspi Market Makati

This morning, I woke up craving for Monster Burger + Fresh strawberry shake combo, and I also figured I needed to replenish my All Organics stash, so I asked Paulo if we could spend brunch at Legaspi Sunday Market, and so we did. :)

Rain, why now? Why? Ha! but I guess nothing could stop us.. And so, to the market we go..

First stop is All Organics

with Ms. Eds Omoyon ~ owner of All Organics, Milea MMU, and Milea Baby

I have tried a lot of All Organics and Milea products and everything is a RAVE! For me, their Lemongrass line of personal care is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

One of my must-haves is their Lemongrass Clean Rinse. You can check All Organics and Milea products at

Also check out their new line, Milea Baby, the packaging's so adorable. Haven't tried any yet, but I guess these aren't just for babies ~ so I will be happy to try it soon.

Next stop, what else? FOOD!
The Original Monster Burger, Mantequilla, and Pure & Fresh Fruit Shakes

My mind is set - that is to eat The Original Monster Burger! I only got Quarter Pounder (Php75) since I thought I already had breakfast, this is for brunch, then I am sure I will be having late lunch, Haha! While waiting for my Monster Burger, Paulo bought Mantequilla's Chicken Chorizo Bake (Php120 per serving).

Mantequilla's version of baked macaroni with lots of chicken and Spanish chorizo was love at first taste, it was such a yummy dish! This is Php120 per serving, but you can also buy the whole tray (9.5 X 12 in) for Php900 that is good for 10 to 12 persons. We'll be having this one again for sure! :)

For other delectable dishes like traditional Spanish tortillas, Salpicao de Pollo, and Eggplant Parmigiana, you can also find them at the Salcedo Saturday Market and additional orders may be picked up at 36 Juan Luna St., San Lorenzo Village in Makati. For orders and inquiries, you may call Rosanne Hugo at 0920-9458387 or Rose Marie Hugo at 0920-9387157.

Ok, I was hoping to get fresh strawberry shakes, but was disappointed to know that it isn't the strawberry season so I got Avocado shake (Php55) instead.

Oh, that red trash bin is really nice, Haha! Kidding aside, you see how it was raining hard that morning? But I guess Legaspi Sunday Market is still a busy haven for foodies out there, rain or shine.

Wow, fresh wheatgrass (Php75/shot). Though I am still a real fan of Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass - the only one in the market with 100% leaves and roots (a lot of benefits are in the roots, btw) - this is still worth trying. :) They also offer Nourish Kefir, 100% Natural Probiotic. Yogurt makes me happy, and this is said to be superior over yogurt! Well, I got to try this! I actually tried Kefir in the past, but didn't like it much, and that is not the case with Nourish Kefir. This one really tastes good as I can consume this with a smiling face, you know what I mean. Haha!

Before calling it a day, we decided to look for pasalubong, and this is what we got: Budbud Kabog suman, made from millet seeds! The generous free taste already made us full, but we can't get enough of it so we brought home some of these goodies.

I loved Budbud Kabog plain (Php25) and Budbud with mangga (Php30), then Paulo tried the Cassava (Php30). Other flavors you'll like: Budbud Kabog with Chocolate, Ube, or Langka. This is definitely a treat, so we'll surely be back for more! For orders you may call Maribel Van Hoven at 0929-3661999.

I saw Nasi Lemak, some frozen yogurts, crepes, malunggay pesto.. what else? There's ensaimada, sausages, tofu steak.. Arrgh! We were just so full and we can't try all in one visit. How I wish.. but no worries, there are still plenty of Sundays and these food are already in my to-try list. Overall, we we had a nice treat and we went home happy! Until our next visit. :)



  1. i wanna go there too.. sabi nga daw masarap food!! i've tried the budbud kabog (same store but they were in a christmas bazaar), super sarap!

  2. yes, it's really worth a visit :) and that budbud kabog is the best!


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