Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Dimsum, Salt, and Chicken Joy

Hi all! Hope you had a great day today, as mine goes pretty well :)

Paulo and I did our own errands in the morning, then decided to meet around lunch. Today is one of those wherever our foot will take us kind of trip.

Jeepney ride to Quiapo. We have plenty of want to buys and cravings in mind, but we don't want to interrupt the fun, our motto of the day (my favorite motto, that is), "Let's cross the bridge when we get there".

While we are set to take late lunch, we took time to visit some stores, and look what I've got:

LALA in Chocolate and Ube Flavor, Php5 each

I buy LALA everytime I visit Quiapo ~ maybe because it is so sentimental for me that it brings a lot of childhood memories. Sofia actually loves LALA Ube so I will definitely bring her some of these! :)

On foot to Binondo/Chinatown. Ok, the downside of not planning ahead is when you are starting to have hypoglycemia and you still don't know where to eat! And for now we refuse to go to our default food place in Binondo, Estero Fast Food ~ well, just because we wanted to try other food places there. I only knew a few and I recalled one place my mother had mentioned before, Ma Mon Luk. We walked past Salazar St. and asked where Ma Mon Luk is, then we were told to turn right in Benavidez St. There's a long stretch of Chinese restaurants in that street, but we can't still find Ma Mon Luk! I asked one vendor and she pointed us to Masuki Mami Restaurant. I didn't believe her at first, but she seems to be sure that Masuki is what we are looking for, so we got near that restaurant but we didn't get inside. I wanted to confirm (haha), then I asked the guard in the bank beside Masuki, "Sir, asan po yun Ma Mon Luk?", and he replied "Ayan sa may motor, yun Masuki.. Ma Mon Luk yan". Confirmed! *LOL*

I am not actually craving for anything Chinese today, but since it is raining outside I thought it would be best if I get something warm. So I ordered Special Original Mami (Php100) then Paulo got Special Beef Wanton Chicken Asado Mami (Php160).

We were surprised to see two big bowls of mami in our table! Had we known that they had big servings, we should have ordered only one bowl then we'll have the Yatip chicken. Anyway, I didn't really enjoy this mami experience, I would prefer if they have chili sauce or anything spicy, but they only offered hot sauce that does nothing but to color the soup! I don't know, maybe it's just me, or was it an acquired taste? I really don't know. :(

Buchi, Php60

Almost double the size of those in Henlin or Chowking, this three-piece buchi saved the day! Taste, texture, and price - it's really perfect for my liking!

I didn't finish my bowl of mami and had to take it out, and I thought I will give it to the first homeless kid I will meet along the way. That brings us to Robinson's Place Manila. We went there to watch Salt, but ticket price was Php170! I was like, "Why? May Nova ba na kasama?!" *LOL* So we decided to go to Greenbelt 1 instead.

Taxi ride to Ayala. We figured it would be more convenient for us to watch Salt in Greenbelt 1, ticket price is Php130.

Salt is now my favorite Angelina Jolie movie (making Taking Lives in second place), hehe. As always, she is so fierce and beautiful! Oh my, she's an action star! I have three favorite scenes here. One is her car to car jump on the freeway, not so believable but I liked it. Next would be the moment she killed Ted Winter. And the most remarkable scene for me would be when Orlov's people killed Mike Krausse. Salt said nothing, but I felt so many emotions with that scene, it's just so unbelievable!

Overall, I was satisfied with this movie. It is open-ended, which makes it more superb! If I were to choose how to end it, maybe it would turn out that Salt just deceived Peabody, and she is free once more to execute their mission to take US down. Haha, just kidding, it would be a long story, so it is better to end it that way. :)

Ok, so we had a very long day. I wanted to have fries and Frostee, Wendy's Greenbelt 1 is now open (again).. Yay! But the store is still crowded (at 8 pm?!) and we had no energy to line up, so we decided to just go home, haha!

On our way home, we past along Convergys Ayala, and we just couldn't resist! Here's our dinner, Chicken Joy!

I really had a great day, thanks Pau! ♥



  1. Awww, that's so sweet~! I love going to China Town, too, but I've never tried those crackers. Now I suddenly have a craving for wafers. Yum!

  2. Haha, thanks Lizz :)
    LALA is actually a soft chewy chocolate (not so chewy as Tootsie Roll naman), favorite ko talaga hanggang ngayon, it's really nice. <3


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