Thursday, August 12, 2010

My SmartCoach 10K Training Program

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I think I had enough fun run, and it is time for me to take running seriously. I am set to do 10K in November (Timex Run 2010), and I figured I have to plan accordingly.

I thought my usual 15-minute rush going to the office, 4 sets (equal to 8 plights of stairs, ooops make it 4 only because I always use the escalator going up, hehe) of underpass along Ayala Avenue, and 30-minute stroll in the mall before going home would not help if I really wanted to survive my 10K run.

Good thing Paulo introduced me to RUNNER'S WORLD SmartCoach Training Program - it is a free, interactive tool that combines science, mathematics and 40 years of collective running wisdom to bring you a proven, individualized training program.

Current race time is: 0:42:00 for a 5K
Distance training goal is: 10K
Current training: 9 to 16 km/week
How hard you want to train: Moderate
Long-run day: Sunday

After you have chosen your details, you will have your customized training program you can print. SmartCoach App is said to be available in iPhone, but I would still prefer printing it so I can hang it in my wall, haha!

My 8-week training program will start on Monday, 08/23/2010 and will end on Sunday, 10/17/2010.

Are you ready to make your own training program? Visit and choose SmartCoach for intelligent training programs just for you. :) Note: You need to register to access this wonderful tool. Good luck!



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