Friday, August 13, 2010

My First Twinky Pair, an impulse buy

Last night, while I was ready to buy that Grendha Jelly shoes I've been saving up for a month (poor me, huhu), unfo they ran out of Size 5.

I've checked Shoe Salon, The Ramp, Bambu and SM Ayala, but to no avail. Lesson learned: If you really wanted to buy something and you're saving up for it, don't wait too long, or else you'll just add that to your frustrations list!

Anyway, in search for other stores I went to Greenbelt 5, and at Twinky there's the 4-letter word that caught my attention -- SALE!

Presenting, my impulse buy:

Low-heeled, a combination of white, pink and light green snakeskin, embellished with metallic trinkets on front straps. Without hesitation, I bought this lovely pair at Php569 (original price is Php948). :)

Btw, here's the Grendha Jelly that wasn't meant for me:

Photo taken from Grendha Philippines Facebook account



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