Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Major Major Laughtrip: We Love You Venus Raj!

On good vibes!

I want to share these videos from YouTube, just for major major laughtrip! :) Here's Talking Tom.  Heads up, I liked this video except the slap in the end.  Poor Tom :(

Taken from YouTube, credits to uploader moncruzz.

Here's the original video showing 4 friends ecstatically waiting for the announcement of Miss Universe 2010 Top 15. Bonggang bongga!  As my officemate coined Miss Universe Beauty Pageant as "FIFA ng mga Bading".  *LOL* Super love this!

Taken from YouTube, credits to uploader lexlib.

01:41, super like!

I find it amazing when one shouted, "OMG, Thank you Lord!", it reminded me that amidst all the happenings in our country the past days, yeah we still  have something to thank for.



  1. I was like them but only alone in my hotel room and with less shouting of course. I think the last time I watched Miss Universe was when Miriam Quiambao represented us. I'm glad I was able to watch Venus. I think I should watch more often considering that Miriam and Venus both won when I did. Haha! :)


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