Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello August, Part 2: ManilArt10

Paulo and I still went to ManilArt10 despite our sored legs!

This is my first time to see an art exhibit and so I really did not know what to expect. I did not bring my camera as I thought taking photos is not allowed, but when we got inside the hall I was surprised to see DSLRs here and there. *Toinks!* Armed with just a camera phone, I started wandering around.

I told Paulo that I don't know how to appreciate art, I asked him, "What do I need to see or examine? How?" I have little to no knowledge about art, and I found a whole gallery of it overwhelming. He replied, "Just look at it and try to feel how the artist felt when he/she did the piece."

Ok, still confused I did what he just told me. I tried to emotionally react with the pieces, but all I am receiving are political or statement pieces, most of which depicting poverty, violence, scandal, and captivity, but there's also patriotism, pride, love, sacrifice, and freedom. Because of these mixed emotions, I needed to calm down so I begin to search for a "fruits on a table" painting.. Hooray! I think on the third row, I saw this:

by Danilo Arriola

I have a strong fascination for this kind of paintings, I don't know why. Maybe because for me it's a feel-good painting, maybe because of the light, or maybe because it is food.. I really don't know, I am just glad I saw one.

Anyway, here are some photos of us enjoying the moment of "being cultured", *LOL*

And, here are some of the photos that captured my interest.

by Armenius Aralar

I find this very striking because for me all of us went through the stage of curiosity, and the girl peeking through the wall represents our desire to learn and explore. I kinda liked her hair and slippers too! :)

Trio Up-Float
by Michael Cacnio

I particularly liked this one because it reminded me of my favorite Pixar movie "Up". For me, this piece showed freedom, happiness, and big dreams! I love the balloons!

A Pool of Tears
by Aleah Angeles

I was initially terrified when I saw this, but later on was awed by how strong this painting was. There is also a second painting "Drowned in my Own Tears", which is equally strong and beautiful as this one.

We also passed by a group of artists doing on-the-spot sketching, how cool is that? :)

Then, I was intrigued by people spending minutes staring at an art piece, hmmm...

Aha! So Paulo and I had our fair share of fun and headache trying to solve these:

I Want Your Soul to Open Up for Me
by Leo Velasco

Now, can you decipher the code? Haha!

Well, that's how I started my August 2010.
I really enjoyed this experience, and I hope I could visit more art exhibits again. :)

Good night, all!

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