Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello August, Part 1: Rexona Run

My legs are still sore, but it's worth it! I had a blast last Sunday, and it's really a great way for me to welcome August 2010!

I ran another 5K at SM Mall of Asia. Since I am not actually aiming for a podium-finish, my goal for this race is just to beat my previous record of 43:37, and I did!

Rexona Run 2010, with official time of 42:00.
I know it's not impressive, but I am happy to report that I did beat my previous record. :)
I almost gave up at 2-km mark when I started having headache and blurred vision, good thing there's enough water stations to keep me going plus RunRio provided wet sponges! *cool*

I am a bit sad because my friends went ahead of me and there's no one to support me, yeah, I am alone for 42 minutes. :(

Anyway, here are some of the photos we took, barely a decent group photo, because we seemed to be disoriented after the race!

I really wanted to line up for PhotoVendo, but the boys disagreed! I guess women are really more patient than men, huh? :D

And so we chose this over PhotoVendo: SELECTA ICE CREAM!

Here we are while watching the 21K finishers and dreaming for that gorgeous medal! Hmmm... but that can wait.. our goal is to run 21K next year. :)

And, here's a photo of us before heading for brunch/Nelson's birthday treat!

Lastly, I am proud to say that I survived Portalets again! *LOL*

Ok, so what should I do next time?
Bring mp3/ipod. (I don't have one yet)
Get enough training so next time I can keep up with my friends.
Apply sunblock! <- This one I forgot, aaargh! ^.^

My next run would be RunRio Leg 3 Timex Run in November, and my goal is to run 10K! I grabbed a FREE copy of The Bull Runner magazine and there's a 10K program there. I am going to share that to you in a separate post.



  1. congrats on beating your 5k pr!

  2. i still need a lot of training and im sure i will do best next time.. thanks, daves! :)


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