Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Byul (OST 200 Pounds Beauty)

I recently posted My Favorite K-Movies from 1999-2009 that includes 200 Pounds Beauty released in 2007. There I mentioned how I loved the soundtrack, but how could I ever forget to mention this particular song?! This is called Byul by Kim Ah Joong.

I did not realize that I forgot about it until one friend had his own acoustic version, inspired by the English translation of Reuben Wong.

Byul (Star, OST from 200 Pounds Beauty)

When I feel the wind blow in this place,
there I see the stars beyond this window pane;
Shining so bright, here and this night
Here I feel a sense of love

Deep in my heart, I cry for you
Every tear that falls feels like a wound
The stars in the sky, gently shine
Taking away my pain

I hear a voice gently saying "Don't be afraid",
I feel a warmth come over me
as I sleep in their embrace

And even though I
do not have the strenght to go on
Even though I try to hold on
This love will never ever be meant for me
But I'll keep on smiling
Even though my dreams won't come true
I'll remember every moment with you
Like the stars that shine forever
I'll treasure my love.. for you..

Lyrics written by: Reuben Wong & Derek Heng

Here's my friend's version. Kuya, I super like this! I'm proud of you. :)

Taken from Youtube, credit to bluedolphin08.

Then here's the original song by Kim Ah Joong, extracted from the movie. This is actually one of my favorite scenes. :)

Taken from Youtube,credit to aznvietguy0103.

Hope you liked it! Good night, all.

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