Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Announcement: Mini Giveaway Winner

After 14 days, 11 participants, and 62 entries, I am here to announce the winner for my mini giveaway!

ClassTools.net Random Name Picker

You will get this mini loot + a surprise item from me :)

We all have our own mishaps, but what matters is that we learned from it.  Thank you all for joining my mini giveaway and for sharing your thoughts, I hope to host another giveaway soon. 


-CLOSED- EMS Express Early Holiday Giveaway Contest

Giveaways overload?!  Well, I know no one will refuse that.  So, here's another one.  EMS Express is having an early holiday giveaway contest.  One winner will be getting this set:

This set includes:
5 bottles of Shu Uemura UV underbase
Mineral Flowers Facial Set
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Powder
Kiehl's Lip Gloss
Kiehl's Eye Alert
Kiehl's Grapefruit Hand and Body lotion
Shu Uemura Make-up pouch

Please click on the photo to join this giveaway!  And help me get another 2 points by mentioning my blog (dianneregina) upon entering her giveaway.  *Pretty please* Wink, wink ~XOXO~

Contest ends on September 15, 2010.  Good luck!


-CLOSED- Makeup and Life: Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Disney limited edition set from makeupandlife.com. :)

I want! I want! :)

Blue tin set Daydream 002 includes:

Lip treatment stick in 002 cute milky orange
Blotting paper sheets
Mirrored blotting paper refill
Collectible tin

Click on the photo to enter this giveaway!
Contest ends September 14, 2010.  Good luck!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pseudo Make-up Tutorial and Bench Hair Fix

I initially thought of bringing my cousins in Children's Playground in Luneta last Saturday, but I am not comfortable going near that area (at least for the time being), so we stayed home.  Sofia was a bit disappointed, but after a short Talking Tom session, she forgot about the planned trip.

She then started rummaging the stuff in my purse! She kept on saying, "Lips", and I knew she wanted to use my Tony Moly lip tint, and so I let her check out my kikay kit. *LOL*

If you want a Geum Jandi-inspired makeup, meaning fresh, sweet, and innocent look, here's Sofia and she will show you how. Enjoy the video! :)

GEUM JAN DI - Photo taken from Boys Over Flowers

Hope you liked it! :)

On Bench Fix Salon

Another transformation last weekend.  Paulo had a haircut!  Here's how he looked like BEFORE the fix.
Please don't mind me, I'm just goofing on him! :D

And here's how he looked like AFTER the fix.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Exactly as I thought, a Bench Fix signature style.  Super like!


Friday, August 27, 2010

New Found Love: Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer

I've been a BB cream user for almost a year now and I must admit, it's a super hit for me! But, because I am quite unhappy with whiteheads resulting from my current BB cream, I decided to discontinue use at this time.  I felt like my skin needed a breather as well.

Wait, I don't want to get barefaced and I know my skin needed protection from the sun, that's why I am glad to get this really cheap alternative, Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer. I road-tested this today and I totally loved it! ♥

Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer in Ivory, Php135

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE TUBE - Get all these benefits-- moisturizer, sun protection, concealer, makeup base, minerals, and skin vitamin.

One skincare mistake I commit is not putting on moisturizer, I am just so lazy to do that! I found moisturizers to be sticky, but this Myra VitaGlow is surprisingly light on the skin.  No reason to be lazy now, haha!  Today, I experimented on skipping face primer, BB cream (with SPF), and mineral powder.  I only applied this, ONLY THIS!  The results are pretty much the same with my previous routine and it lasted for about 4 to 5 hours, not bad.  It doesn't say anything about oil control, but this really kept my oilies at bay, and it's actually much better than when I used my BB cream. Super wow!

I initially thought I won't like the shimmers because many users rant about it, but I actually liked it!  As the caption goes, Everything you need in one tube ~ I thought now I also have a face highlighter? Nah! Those shimmers subside in about 10-20 minutes and you'll only notice your glowing skin.

With a little blush and Tony Moly lip tint, I am ready to go!  Though, I am yet to try if this can cause whiteheads on me.  I really hope not.

Glad it worked for me, and I hope it'll work for you too. :)

Anyway, as seen from the background photo above is a small notebook I bought from Papemelroti.  Isn't this cute?

Small notebook from Papemelroti, Php24


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Major Major Laughtrip: We Love You Venus Raj!

On good vibes!

I want to share these videos from YouTube, just for major major laughtrip! :) Here's Talking Tom.  Heads up, I liked this video except the slap in the end.  Poor Tom :(

Taken from YouTube, credits to uploader moncruzz.

Here's the original video showing 4 friends ecstatically waiting for the announcement of Miss Universe 2010 Top 15. Bonggang bongga!  As my officemate coined Miss Universe Beauty Pageant as "FIFA ng mga Bading".  *LOL* Super love this!

Taken from YouTube, credits to uploader lexlib.

01:41, super like!

I find it amazing when one shouted, "OMG, Thank you Lord!", it reminded me that amidst all the happenings in our country the past days, yeah we still  have something to thank for.


Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Foam

I know it's obvious by now that I am a big Tony Moly fan.  Well, I guess I am just loving Tony Moly one product at a time. :)

I tried a sample of Tony Moly Berry Berry Cleansing Foam about 3 months ago, and at initial use I was convinced to buy its full size.  By the time I was ready to order, the seller told me that it has been discontinued.  Oh no! I searched for it for 3 months and even posted a 'Looking For' ads in Girltalk, but to no avail. 

Just when I was about to give up searching (since I thought I can pretty much settle with Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam), I found Krazy/Beautiful: A Korean Beauty Shoppe, an online shop carrying Tony Moly products! Yay!

Lizz told me that the product was reformulated/repackaged that is why I can't find it.  The reformulated product is now labeled as 'Nutrivive'. 

Removes makeup, impurities from deep pores with an effect of smooth and rich foam and contains berry complex to provide elasticized and healthy moisturizing skin.

What I love about this cleansing foam is that it leaves a fresh matte feeling, and I can visibly notice the dirt and the color of my makeup into our white sink! 

It has a nice sweet soapy scent (like that of Pond's, but better and not as strong as Etude House Happy Tea Time).  I also liked how refreshing it is minus the pulling effect or tightness after washing my face. 

Absolutely no breakout. 

If I were to choose between these 2 cleansing foams, I would still prefer Tony Moly regardless of its price difference (Etude House - Php180; Tony Moly - Php400).  Deciding factor:  It leaves my skin soft and matte, and it's nondrying.  I just love it! ♥

Berry Berry ~ funny that as of this writing I am watching Miss Universe 2010 and Ms. Venus Raj mentioned 'Very Very' twice! She noted her gown was comfortable and 'very very' flowy and she is 'very very' happy that she's in Mandalay Bay. Ha! I love her now as I love my Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Foam.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Send A Smile Project

With all the ups and downs that started my week, and with all the issues that happened in our country the past hours, I find it really hard to have a reason to smile.

But it is amazing that there are people kind enough hosting even a small project to make someone happy, and I chanced upon Ri-chan's blog Butter and Jam.

Project: Send a Smile

Now that we are already in the Information era, I thought it was wonderful that people still have a fascination about postcards. Just a simple project, and a simple thought of it is enough to make someone really smile.

I am inspired to do the same. Thanks Ri-chan.


Venus Raj Had No 'Major Major Mistake' in Her Life

Photo taken from http://www.missuniverse.com

William Baldwin: What is one big mistake you made in your life and what did you do to make it right?

Venus Raj: In my 22 years of existence, there is no major, major problem that I have done in my life because I am very confident with my family and the love that they have given to me.

In the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010 Beauty Pageant, Miss Philippines Venus Raj claimed that she had no 'major, major' mistake in her 22 years of existence because of the love of her family.

I believed her.

Venus, as you said, you are just 22 years old. Don't worry you will encounter a lot of mistakes in your life as you age, and you'll definitely charge it to experience. Count your answer as one of those.  *I reckon her answer is not a major mistake, she just showed how honest she was.*

Hey, we're MAJOR MAJOR proud of you. Cheers!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Nation's Pow


This was my FB status message 3 hours ago, the moment when the driver was freed and he hysterically announced that all hostages were killed inside the bus.

I was at the office when I read about the hostage taking at Quirino Grandstand this morning, and I never thought it would lead to a tragic ending.

Mixed emotions.

I am really saddened. I am scared. I am puzzled. I am ashamed.

I know there is no need for me to elaborate my feelings as I am sure that Filipinos in all parts of the world felt the same way. I am almost certain where this event would lead us, but I am still hoping for the best. What we can do now is pray ~ for the victims and their families, for the hostage taker and his family, for the policemen, for the media, for all those involved, and for our nation.

I am really in tears as I write this, now I know that it's a bad idea to watch it live on television. I think most of us needs stress debriefing as well. :(

May God bless us all.

Note: Pow is something that lets you down, or an event that makes you sad.

Today's Pows and Wows

It was in college when I first encountered these terms. Pow-Wow as we call it, is basically a pass-the-ball-getting-to-know you sort of game, but I guess to a deeper level. Whoever catches the ball will share his/her own Pow and Wow.
Pow - is something that lets you down or makes you sad.
Wow - on the otherhand, is something that uplifts you or makes you happy.

I always list my Pows and Wows, and today is no exception.

I ran out of my Kopiko Brown Coffee stock this morning, and I made my own coffee. In short, my coffee doesn't taste good! :(

I still have uraro cookies left, yay!

My pants' zipper was broken.

I was able to hide it.

I just found out that I forgot to pay my credit card balance for last month. I thought there's no way I could forget it, but I did. Super pow!

I received a text from MyGlobe Rewards, and I now have 130.25 points, which means I only need 469.75 points so I can redeem 4 Ayala Cinema passes. I know I need a lot more points but at least I am making progress.

My right foot is forming another blister, really not a good time breaking in a new pair of shoes!

I was able to enjoy this Carne Asada Tacos for dinner.

I got shortchanged at Cantina by 81 cents. It's really a pet peeve of mine if an establishment assumes that I don't need that extra cents. I really don't know where it started but I am known for asking exact change up to the last cent! I just don't have enough energy this time to do that, I just charged Cantina to my Pow Pow Pow list! :(

I signed The Body Shop's Campaign to STOP Sex Trafficking. It only took a minute of my time, and I surely felt good afterwards. I am encouraging you to do the same. :)

I forgot my umbrella and it rained pretty hard tonight.

I wasn't drenched and I managed not to slip.

I attempted to window shop (hehe), but my blistered foot won't allow me :(


Yay! I bought my fourth bottle of L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo. I love love love this shampoo. I am very sensitive with shampoos, but with this one -- no allergies whatsoever. Super wow! ;)  

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner is still OOS.

I found my BBW PocketBac hidden somewhere in my bag.

I can't find Myra E Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer in Ivory, which I am willing to try now.

I bought Fanny Serrano's Eyelash curler. It was said to be a good dupe for Shu Uemura. I can't really tell because I don't own Shu Uemura, but I tested it on the counter and just as long as it doesn't pinch my skin, I am okay with it. Good results too, so it is wow!

Just as I am ready for the first day of my 8-week training for 10K run. Ngak! I don't have a ponytail or scrunchy, and with my long hair I know it will be hard for me to train. Such a hassle.

Off to the gym, only to find out that (yeah I forgot) No Gym on Mondays!

I am a believer of the Laws of Attraction and most of the time if I started my day good, will attract everything good to happen, and the same goes if I begin a bad day, it will certainly end as bad. You see, Laws of Attraction really takes place in my day to day events. It's just that for today it is like a roller-coaster ride with lots of Pows and Wows!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Miss These Guys: 2D1N

Today, I woke up feeling depressed (again) with an issue that has been bothering me for like forever (and no, this post is not about that) :( :( but after a power hug from Paulo (Thanks Pau) and a late night 2D1N marathon, I think I am going to be okay.
2D1N cast: Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, Kim C, and Eun Ji Won
Dang! It's almost a year now when our KBS subscription was pulled out from our Sky Cable plan. Good thing there's YouTube, but still I haven't been able to watch any recent episodes. I missed these guys and I know I need a lot of catching up. I will, I will.

Before I go to bed, let me share with you one cut, it's not the funniest but it's enough to make me smile today. Big thanks to these guys!
I really missed watching them! It's a shame that they haven't released a DVD yet. Come on, I'd absolutely be the first to buy it, promise! Hehe.
On a much lighter note, I am waiting for this K-drama (no, it's not a drama, ha!) to be available in MySoju. *fingers crossed*

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho featuring Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah, I never thought that they could be a lovely pair, but let's see. I am quite excited to find that out. :)

I am actually thinking of sporting a short 'do, but after seeing Shin Min Ah's long hair, well I am okay to forget about it (at least for now).

Note: I do not own any of the photos or video above. No copyright infringement intended.

Smile. Good night all!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

-CLOSED- Five Blogs, Five Nokia Cellphones to be won - JOIN NOW!

The Manila Blogs Family is celebrating their 5th year in style! ->> Kudos to all of you!

In collaboration with Nokia Philippines, they are giving away five (5) brand new mobile phones!

Click on the photo for a chance to win Nokia 5230 from ManilaReviews.com

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One lucky mom will win this Nokia 7230 from ManilaMommy.com. Click on the photo to find out how.

And of course, for the Blogger - ManilaBLogs.com will be giving away this Nokia C3!
For phone details, visit Nokia Philippines.


Winning is so easy! Join now and goodluck! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shaving Mishap + Mini Giveaway :)

Hi readers,

I had a shaving mishap last weekend that left me with a half-inch wound and a fear of razor :( This was my first time using a razor - and it would be the last!

I ran out of sugar wax and I can't find the spatula for my Veet, nah! I just woke up with low EQ and started shaving my leg. *LOL*

Lesson learned: Do not shave your legs while you are half asleep, or do not shave at all! :D

Now to celebrate my healing wound, I am giving away this mini loot to one (1) lucky reader.

This consists of:
1 Cameo Gadget Cozy from JunkStudio
1 Cutex Nail Color in Black Affair
1 Cutex Nail Color in Superpearl
1pc sample SkinFood Sample Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam
1pc sample Naturelab Sample Gentle Treatment Essence Cleanser
1pc sample Encara BB Cream
5pcs BDJ coupons: Pulse Yoga, The Spa, Azta Urban Salon, The Ramp, and Schu
+ 1 little surprise item

This isn't much, but I hope you'll like it. :)

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Must be a follower of my blog (you'll earn 1 point).
2. Repost this to your blog (including prize photo), it's not necessary to be a full post (you'll earn 2 points). You may also include this in your sidebar (for another 2 points).

3. Finally (for 3 points), comment here sharing with us your own beauty/skincare or makeup mishap and what you have learned. It's like a you've been tagged post, isn't it? *Laughs* Don't forget to include your name, blog URL (for your post or sidebar), and email address.

I hope there would be at least 20 participants :)
One (1) winner will be chosen randomnly on August 31, 2010.

Open to Philippine residents only. Shipping is on me.

That's it. Have fun and good luck :)

Thank you all for joining!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

-CLOSED- QUICKER.Com is Having a Blog Contest

Who wants a Fossil Ladies Chronograph? How about a Kate Spade Kikay Kit?
Faye of Quicker8.com is generously giving away these lovely prizes!

I really want that Kate Spade Floral Kikay Kit, hope I'll win. Haha!
Click HERE to join now. Contest ends on September 8, 2010.

Good luck!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend: Liliw, the Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines

I remember one day when I asked Paulo if we haven’t met in our previous workplace (here in Makati), where else does he think our paths could have crossed? He answered Laguna. Though, I thought there’s a slim chance of us meeting in UPLB (his alma mater) and a slimmer chance of us meeting in Liliw (my mother’s hometown).

Ha! Well, maybe.. just maybe. :)

Day 2 of our Laguna trip: I was not initially thrilled to go to Liliw, I prefer to watch DVD at their home or go somewhere I haven’t been to, but Paulo really wanted to visit just to know what it looks like or know what’s the buzz about it being the ‘Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines’.

It turned out, I was so happy he insisted, because it meant shopping for me! :)

After over an hour of 2 jeepney rides, Php74 of fare.. this is how my hair looked like.. :(

So I had my losyang scrunchy look the whole time, haha.

After a short stop at my relative’s place, we immediately went to Bayan or what we used to call Ilaya. Gat Tayaw Street is a long stretch of tsinelas/shoe stores leading to the church. Here are some of the photos:

I recalled my college friends would laugh at me when they asked where did I get my shoes, and I would answer, “Badong’s”. Yes, I wear Badong’s.

Every Liliw local knows Badong’s Footwear. It is owned by Salvador Monteiro, and it is indeed one of the famous and oldest shops there. Visitors would not fail to recognize it because it’s a prominent spot, just a block down from the plaza.

I got one of these peeptoe flats (Php275), I bought the white one so you won’t see in the photo. Haha! The shoes here cost no more than Php500!

Aside from Badong’s Footwear, my default shoe place would be Entrada.

You wouldn’t miss it because it has the eye-catching facade and definitely impressive interiors! Here are some of the photos from inside the store:

Prices range from Php329 to Php389

I think I have 2 pairs from this rack, which I previously bought. Yeah, I noticed they keep on restocking the same styles, but from time to time they will have new additions like this one:

Animal print flats, Php349

But, talk about shoe size misfortune and getting second best lately, I got this instead.

Wearable gold, strappy wedge shoes at Php329. Paulo suggested this, and I actually liked it, plus I know I needed more height so I bought it! The people there are kind enough to give me discount as well, so I bagged this for only Php300! Great deal!

Shocked! Haha.

One Happy Girl :)

Of course, this trip would not be complete without visiting my 2 other favorite destinations here.
Liliw Church (St. John the Baptisth Parish of Liliw)

It is rumored to be the church from ABS-CBN's Kampanerang Kuba, but no! That would be the Nagcarlan Church, one jeep ride away. Haha!

Gonzales’ Special Uraro

Parallel to the Gat Tayaw Street is where you can find pasalubongs and other sweets, all home-made! I particularly liked Gonzales’ Special Uraro - as I told Paulo that everytime I had to taste a new uraro, I compare it with this.

It's a barber shop, easy to find. And this is just a small town, you can just ask the locals where Gonzales' barber shop/uraro house and they'll be glad to point you where it is.

We spotted 'Putol' (the dog amputee) making friends to the house cat.

.. and to Paulo

and to me.. :) Sweet dog.

That's it. Time to go home..

Tired, but happy :)

If you are planning to go there and shop, I suggest you visit Liliw on August 28-29, 2010 for the town fiesta a.k.a. Tsinelas Festival! :)

Badong’s Footwear: (049) 5631008
Entrada: (049) 5631084, 09173676731 (Lucy), 09175335108 (Rhey)
Gonzales’ Special Uraro: (049) 5631140


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